Will Benedict Cumberbatch Also Tackle “Richard III” For “The Hollow Crown”?

Photo courtesy of Anita Bugge/WireImages
Photo courtesy of Anita Bugge/WireImages

There is the old saying “It’s like buses, you wait for one, then two come at once.”  Well it looks like this is the case for Richard III.  On Friday, we were told that Sherlock star Martin Freeman will be playing the Plantagenet monarch on stage this summer.  However, now it appears that his co-star Benedict Cumberbatch wants to swap his deerstalker for a crown.

According to reports, Cumberbatch has been cast as the monarch in new BBC production, which will continue “The Hollow Crown” season.  This series of films began with Ben Whishaw as Richard II, Jeremy Irons as Henry IV, and of course, who can forget Tom Hiddleston as Henry V.

The Tragedy of Richard III (as Shakespeare titled the play) would be part of the second part of the highly popular series.  The role has been tackled by heavyweights such as Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Kevin Spacey, and Sir Kenneth Branagh.

Cumberbatch’s movie will be part of another trilogy of movies, and it would make sense to think that Henry VI and Henry VIII will complete the treatment of the Bard’s history plays.

Whenever people think of this play, they automatically think of the psychotic, hunchbank Monarch who is widely believed to have been responsible for the murder of the two princes in the Tower of London.  It will be incredibly interesting to see what way the Neal Street Productions movie will portray the King, as the previous movies have been faithful to the time of the monarch in question.

It is believed that “The Hollow Crown” will return to BBC2 next year, and this project could be part of the reason why Cumberbatch’s Hamlet is not being staged until next August.

I am ready and waiting to get my ticket for Freeman’s production and loved the way the previous plays were handled as part of “The Hollow Crown”, so it appears that being found in that car park in Leicester has done the story of Richard III no harm at all.

There has been no official announcement been made, as this tweet confirms, so stay tuned as this story unfolds.


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  1. I was half expecting this but a little disappointed by its predictability. It make sense as he will pull in a new audience and build o the initial series.

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