Who Needs To “Be Cool” And Who Has A “Girl Crush” On This Weeks Mindy?

Image: FOX
Image: FOX


“Be Cool” and “Girl Crush”

My biggest fear when Mindy and Danny got together was that they were going to become stale (much like Nick & Jess on New Girl). But I wasn’t prepared for what happened this week. I laughed, I cried, and once again my heart light begins to shine brighter for Peter the further we get into the season.

What you need to know:

Mindy and Danny have taken on a secret lover’s courtship. Mindy doesn’t fight him on this because a) he makes amazing pancakes and b) he really cares about her (I really think it’s the pancakes that sold her though). But there are the perks of secret sexy time at work!

An old flame of Danny’s, Brooke (Jenna Dewan Tatum) comes back into Town and he is unsure of how to go about things since he’s not really ready to update his status to in a relationship.

Morgan comes to stay with Dr. L after someone breaks into her apartment and finds a pair of men’s scrub. Clearly Dr. L has been doing the nasty with another doctor. A quick check of the pockets leads him to believe it’s Peter.

At an impromptu party at Mindy’s, Brooke is all over Danny and Mindy can’t take it. Peter suggest they make him jealous so he’ll stake his claim on her. All goes well until they break a chair.

Danny is an inch a way from admitting him and Mindy are an item but she can see how uncomfortable he is and she blames everything on her crazy sex addiction. The party ends but Danny sticks around and things are not looking good.

Mindy gives him an ultimatum, either they come clean or they end things. Danny opts for ending things. Mindy is his best friend, his only friend, he can’t risk that. He needs her in his life. Mindy quickly calls him a coward and both are visibly upset. What will this mean for their work relationship?

Luckily it looks like Mindy won’t have to endure much more at work. Sheila Hamilton of Hamilton partners wants to recruit her. This is the Sheila Hamilton who delivered North West. It seems that this firm is way more up Mindy’s alley then Shulman and associates. I mean they don’t even appreciate her there.

Peter’s sister is in town and Danny is all about that. Peter quickly shuts that down and Danny is a bit peeved he was cock block him. But there are more important matters at hand. Their traveling medical bus has arrived and they’re off to their first stop.

They guys catch Mindy leaving her appointment at Hamilton and Partners and quickly label her a traitor. Danny goes as far as telling her she should go. So she does. Off to lunch to hear Sheila name drop. The one catch is they don’t take insurance so Mindy would have to leave her patients. For once she does the right thing and chooses helping the masses over celebrities.

But it seems Hamilton and Partners weren’t looking for Mindy in particular but just any female Indian obstetrician. Luckily Mindy has to go bail the guys out of a rough situation.

It seems no woman in Spanish Harlem wants to get their breasts checked by a bunch of men. Especially when Danny and Peter start fighting about the topless picture his sister sent Danny. Peter admits that the reason why he wants Danny to stay away is because he burned Mindy and he’ll burn his sister too.

Speaking of Mindy she swoops in and saves the day. She also gets them a new patient. They all agree that she’s pretty great and let her drive the bus back to the office. It’s not long before she crashes… Oh Mindy.

Memorable Quotes

“What is the point of living in a gay neighborhood if I can’t leave my door open, it’s not for the culture of the arts,” Mindy after being robbed.

“I’m so used to everyone knowing everything about my life. Morgan knows my menstrual cycle and I find it really helpful,” Mindy on her inability to keep a secret

“Mindy has that velvet rope thing, Unless your Benedict Cumberbitch,” Danny on Mindy’s guest list policies.

“I would recognize your uterus anywhere! ANYWHERE!” Morgan after finding Mindy at Hamilton and Partners

“It would be awesome to treat pop stars for the venereal diseases,” Mindy when denying the position with Hamilton and Partners.