What To Wear – H0les Eyewear Is Perfect For Spring

Photo: H0les.com
Photo: H0les.com

I have been waiting for some good Springtime weather so I can introduce some of you to the hottest seasonal eyewear I could find on the planet! This week’s “What To Wear” recommendation is all about a branded eyewear collection from H0les and in my personal opinion, it is a fashion crime that these shades have not been showcased in the spotlight enough but not to worry, 4YE has got you covered!

It’s no secret that Spring season in fashion means it’s time to bring out some bright and interesting colours after suffering the bland and heavy greys of winter. H0les is perfect for this because you can at least tick off eyewear on your checklist for things to get this season! They’re brilliantly designed lenses are crafted to make any Spring outfit pop right out of the crowd.

As you can see on the webstore, there are some serious kaleidoscope, prismatic vibes radiating right in front of you. The spectrum of available pieces to buy are quite pricey but unfortunately, that’s how most brands will work. The bright side is that they’re not super popular right now so you can be early in swooping up a pair and shine and dazzle anyone you come across when wearing them.

The site demonstrates a selection of models and celebrities who have already discovered the colourful wonders of this brand but most notably is not surprisingly, Lady Gaga who is a regular sporter of young brand/artist’s material to spread some promotional love. Strangely, I don’t think Katy Perry has worn a pair which would work perfectly with her album, Prism but I would almost suggest that you should expect that she will wear them at some stage this season.

As demonstrated by the modeling pictures displayed on the site, you can clearly see that this eyewear works with an astonishing amount of different styles. You can team them up with bright, short dresses for a stunningly pretty Spring look. You can use them with grungier styles to create a very fresh spin on darker outfits. You can even just wear them with everyday wardrobe styles just to brighten them up a notch.

Really there is no end as to what you can do with these glasses making them a top contender in hot Spring fashion looks this season.  They will most likely work just as well in Summer, also. With all of these choices and opportunities to wear them, you can be certain that you’re getting your money’s worth with them (I have a feeling some people will disagree…). So, if you need a bright, stylistically flexible and limitless item to add to your Spring favourites this year, look no further than h0les.com !

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