What To Listen To: ‘Racine Carrée’ by Stromae

Photo courtesy of Stromae

We have something very different to our usual weekly “What To Listen To” inputs this week! I stumbled across this musician thanks to a wonderful friend on my Twitter feed who posted a link to one of his videos and now I am hooked! Belgian artist Stromae is my pick for your weekly essential music listens and I cannot wait to share this with you!

I should note, this music is obviously en français but that shouldn’t stop you giving this guy a listen! I did five years of French in school and I haven’t used it in a while so my French is quite rusty, but I can still get down to these tracks.

This is a gorgeously short and sweet album that is packed with some of the most fresh and groovy beats straight from a place of passion. Stromae’s origins are in hip-hop music, but he has absorbed the magic of European dance music and incorporated it so wonderfully into his own style. There is, of course, some of his own cultural influences drifting through the amazing rhythms.

Although we have seen dance music teamed up with nearly every cultural style imaginable and France has its own dance music scene, there is something quite grande and innovative about this particular artist. Expect some very interesting melody directions and even some straight-up rapping. This is definitely something that you need to check out if your music taste buds have run a bit dry and you need to spice things up.

My personal favourite track is “Tous Les Mêmes” because of its wide relation to everything else on the album and it has a super cool music video, which you can also check out below! I have always been a firm believer that music doesn’t have a language, it is a language and this album just solidifies that even more.

Sunil Gangarh
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