What I Wore In A Pinch: Getting Ready In Under 20 Minutes!

What I Wore In A Pinch: Getting Ready In Under 20 Minutes!Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m not sure about you but I am NOT a morning person by any means. That being said I had some trouble getting up this morning which left me little to no time to get ready! Here is how I handle getting ready for work in under 20 minutes.

First and foremost I love me some dry shampoo. I use the Tresame Fresh Start. I pay close attention to my roots since that’s my problem area. I let that sit while I use a face cleansing towelette and brush my teeth. I’ve found the longer you let your dry shampoo sit the better. More on that later.

Since it’s still eternal winter here on the East Coast I opted for some grey slacks a lace top and a cool green scarf. My office is always pretty cold so I try to layer up. I still got the dry shampoo going in my hair while I scramble to get dressed.

I throw on some tinted moisturizer (I love Aveno, not too harsh and doesn’t clog your pores) bronzer, and a bit of mascara and now it’s time to finish my hair. I work my hands through making sure most of the dry shampoo has been absorbed. I always finish off with the blow dryer because I’ve made the mistake of leaving the house once or twice with big white patched through out my hair – just a bit embarrassing.

Currently my bangs are on the long side so I threw them in a small braid and pinned the rest up. Pretty good for being ready in 20 minutes or less and not looking like a complete train wreck! I wouldn’t trade those 20 minutes extra of sleep for anything!

What are some of your quick tricks? Let us know @4_Y_E or @cjs05