There Was “Blood” This Week on ‘Revenge’

Courtesy of ABC
Courtesy of ABC

This week on Revenge Aiden is back and he and Emily are acting awfully domestic. Full disclosure, we didn’t know how much we missed him. He and Emily come together to figure out how his father is connected with Emily’s, which results in a surprise visit to Aiden’s mother under the guise of him and Emily being engaged.

Speaking of domesticity, Victoria and Pascal look awfully cozy which ultimately results in severed ties between him and Conrad. Surprise surprise.

In ever better news, Jack and Margaux have solidified a new home, and Stevie is having the time of her life with her recently rekindled family. However, things do seem to be a little less perfect than how they look  when Margaux rushes with no regrets back to Voulez. Oh, and did we mention that she re-hired Daniel?

Still, Margaux proves to be a little less impressionable (just a little though) than Charlotte. When she learns her father is grooming her brother to take over the business, Margaux asserts just how hard she has worked to be ready to run her fathers business, up and beyond Voulez. She takes a blow at Victoria, and Pascals clear inability to understand a woman who can take on a family and fulfilling career.

Margaux paints Victoria as a stay-at-home woman, but au contraire Victoria has her own “work” to attend too. In comes Mason Treadwell. Yes, rejoice at the return of Roger Bart’s incredibly complex and all around amazing character – and the return of his face. It’s lovable. Unfortunately, Mason isn’t feeling all that cuddly. He’s sick and tired of rotting in jail, and now he has leverage to convince Emily to revisit their contract.  “Tick tock goes the Clarke,” so he says.

In other news, Jack witnesses a heart to heart between Margaux and Daniel, which has him questioning his girlfriend, who just a week ago was accusing him of having feelings for Emily. The French journalist responds to his speculations with “I don’t like jealous men.” Does the hypocrisy not make you baby barf a little?  While Margaux and Daniel are both seriously starting to get on our nerves, why is it that our heart skipped a beat when the pair shared a celebration scene at the end of the episode after she divulges to the Grayson that she will be heading her fathers company? Right. Because this is a relationship destined to happen, and we can’t wait for it to happen.

Of course, all throughout, Conrad is up to his own schemes. He knows Pascals priority is Victoria, so the two have no business deal. This means that Conrad is going to up his business strategy. Conrad conveniently lets it slip to Pascal’s almost business partner that soon Pascal’s son will be running the company. Oops. His bad.

We just really want to see him pull one over Pascal. Has it been mentioned yet Conrad has made his way into our hearts? Damn Revenge for placing everyone in that gray area of good and bad.

Speaking of business deals, Nolan and his home intruder, Javier, are very close to signing a business agreement until the guest withdraws because, shocker, Nolan wants to be 70 % owner. To this we say: you are on house arrest Javier. You take what you get, and you smile about it.

Unfortunately, Javier goes crying to Charlotte who is intrigued by the connection between Nolan, Jack and Emily. Oh, and then she suggests that Javier seek the help of Daniel. Really, has there ever been a character more annoying than Javier? At least he’s brilliant. It makes him bearable – kind of.

The main thing we can take away from this episode is Mason Treadwell dying – kind of. After receiving an ointment of some sort, Mason appears to die. Little does he know, Emily, being her super ninja self, put some Japanese powder in the ointment that makes the body mimic death for 12 hours. In what is actually a very cute reunion scene, Nolan provides Mason with the resources to take off and create a life for himself elsewhere until Emily finishes her mission.

The sad part of this is that because Stevie approached Mason earlier in attempt to help Emily, she thinks its all her fault, and that literally drives her to drink. Jack walks in on her relapse, and instantly asserts that Stevie needs to go far away, because she has way too many demons in the Hamptons.

The end shows a cuddling Emily and Aiden who find out that the guy who can tell them just how Pascal is connected to everything could very well be alive. Surprise!

As per usual, we wait with baited breath for next week.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues