‘The Voice’ Top 10 Eliminations: Announcements, Pronouncements, And Trends That Stay

Photo courtesy of NBC
Photo courtesy of NBC

Hello Voice fans! Who is ready for the revealing on the Top 8?

Will Shakira and Usher’s teams be cut down to a lonely one? Or will Adam and Blake suffer their first losses of the season?

I have a feeling that Bria and Tess (following the trend of the Saved artist being eliminated) will be bottom definitely. Bria was just bad. Tess did Paramore and not well, which is like the kiss of death on this show. Don’t know who the other will be…Audra or Kat maybe. Audra’s song was shaky. Kat’s was just boring.

Well then, let’s find out who will get the save!

I wonder if Adam changed his number yet.

Usher is performing? Yes!

Hey, Gwen Stefani has been confirmed for season seven of the show along with Pharrell. I am so okay with that. I can’t even begin to describe it. It’s official, y’all!

“Always On The Run” sung by Team Usher: Oh Usher have my body. I am offering to it willingly and utterly. God I love you. Bria is doing that screech-yodel thing that I am not a fan of. Josh is perfect as always. I bow to the altar of Josh Kaufman. I love Usher with that big goofy smile on his face and his shades. God, he is so cool. The band looks like they are enjoying themselves. HOLY SH-T GUITAR GUY! You are my new favorite person! Usher seriously is amazing. OhmyGod USHER! Awww I love the high fives exchanged between Blake, Adam, and Usher. Damn right, that was cool!


SISAUNDRA LEWIS IS SAVED! Give her another 80’s rock song, Blake! She rocked that.

Carson talks with the coaches. Adam says he needs to not control his artists. Shakira is adorable. Usher is confident in both of his artists and said that they have learned amazing things here. Blake says that song choice is everything now.

KRISTEN MERLIN IS SAVED! Huh. Kristen is the legitimate dark horse of this competition. Keep it going America! I love her!

JOSH KAUFMAN IS SAVED! And there is much rejoicing for I love Josh.

“The One Thing” sung by Team Shakira: Wow that’s kind of plug, Shakira. Good move girl. Market it all! I definitely prefer Kristen. She keeps drawing my eye in the performance. They all sound really good together. I’m not that familiar with the song but I enjoy it. The performance is meh. The harmonies are tight though, which is good. It just feels a bit lackluster coming off of Team Usher’s performance. I’m still going to check this song out later though because I’m enjoying the hell out of this. God, I love Shakira’s voice. Awww she wrote that for her son?! Adorable!

THE CONFESSIONAL YES!!! Bria would only eat cheese. Usher cooks in his underwear and Jake tells us to enjoy the visual. Oh, Jake I am. Blake wants a marshmallow only Lucky Charms. Usher and Shakira want to win this year and Blake thinks that’s cute. Shakira hates the sound of the alarm clock. Adam wonders why she doesn’t have any servants to do it. Jake demonstrates how he is woken up by smacking himself on the head. JAKE IS MY FAVORITE! HE CAN WIGGLE HIS EAR! Blake had a mullet and Sisaundra looks like Tina Turner when she wears the wig. She admits it is not a good flashback.

AUDRA MCLAUGHLIN IS SAVED! I was not expecting that.

DELVIN CHOICE IS SAVED! I’m okay with that. I like Delvin. His parents are adorable.

We get a look at the backstage life of the show. Sisaundra had her first pajama party ever and it’s adorable! Oh they pick their own wardrobe. I wanna give Jake a hug.


“Crazy on You” sung by Bria Kelly: Meh. I’m sorry but I’m kind of tired of Bria’s whole schtick. She can do the yodel and vocal shreds well. I get it, but I feel like I keep hearing the same thing. Also the more I hear it the less great she sounds to me. Oh honey no. Stop. Blake always thinks that Bria is amazing. He would never have believed this would happen to her so early. Usher has always felt great about Bria and feels like she proved that she has what it takes.

“Who Knew” sung by Tess Boyer: Who sang this song originally? It sounds so familiar. Was it P!nk? I think it was. I could be wrong. It sounds like Tess is having mic problems of her own. She doesn’t sound all that good here. I’m kind of bored to be honest. It’s alright but not amazing. Adam thinks that it is bizarre to see her in the bottom because she is such an amazing singer. He doesn’t want anyone to go home. Usher said that he loves her and feels bad. He feels like she has been able to grow here as an artitst and that it was great performance. Shakira hates seeing Tess up there again and feels like she has one of the most unique voices on the competition. She said that Tess is a fighter and the performance was amazing.

“Paris (Oh La La)” sung by Kat Perkins: Oh God, this is bad too! They’re all awful tonight here. Grace Potter does this so much better. Amanda Brown in season three did this so much better. Seriously. It’s really bad. I don’t want any of these three to stay. Blake said that if this doesn’t buy her next week then he has no idea what will. Usher said that it was an extra fine performance. Adam vows to make sure that Kat breaks the Save and leave losing streak with Kat. He promises to make sure she stays all the way to the end.

And Carson, naturally, drags this out forever.

AMERICA INSTANTLY SAVES KAT PERKINS! All of them were bad. So I can’t say if I’m happy or not. I do doubt that Adam is going to keep the promise though. America is a harsh master/mistress in regards to the Instant Save.

Alright all, I think that we can expect a loss from Team Adam and Team Blake. Josh and Kristen are just too strong at this point.

Don’t forget that Pharrell and Gwen Stefani will perform on Monday! See you then!

Bec Heim