The Second Night Of The Battles: Round Two On The Voice Brings The Emotion And The Power

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Welcome to the second night of the Battles Round 2 on The Voice!

Last night both Shakira and Usher used their only Steals in the competition. Meanwhile, Adam and Blake each have their single Steal left.

So I think that one of those coveted spots will be used tonight.

And they will be used, more than likely, in the final battle of the night. Why? It’s tradition.

Let’s turn our attention and see what happens tonight.

“It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” sung by Biff Gore versus Sisaundra Lewis: Oooooh damn. They are both powerful soul singers. So this should be an amazing battle. Blake says he paired them because he only has one Soul Singer on his team. Awww these two are so cute. Blake thinks it’s the perfect choice for them. Biff gets to show his power and control of the stage. Sisaundra is thinking amazing notes. Chris and Blake are kind of in awe of their vocals. They think that they work so very, very well. Biff doesn’t want to scream through the song. Blake tells Biff not to mimic what Sisaundra does. Chris tells them to mind their connection to other people and is worried that Sisaundra’s voice is “too good.” Holy. Fuck. I have no words. This is…goosebump inducing. I’m enthralled. Both Biff and Sisaundra sound amazing together. There is nothing wrong here. I hope whoever gets cut is stolen. HOLY FUCK! I just…what do you say to that?! I am really glad that I am not Blake. Usher has performed the song and understands the difficulties. He was insanely impressed with Sisaundra’s high note. He chooses Biff as the winner of the battle though. Shakira loved Biff’s authenticity and calls Sisaundra’s register “sick.” Adam is pretty certain Sisaundra is not from planet Earth and loves her commitment. Adam loves Biff’s emotional connection and signature moves. Blake loves Biff’s style and entertainer personality. He thinks Sisaundra is out of this world talented. The winner is SISAUNDRA LEWIS! Okay, Levine, I’m looking at you. Steal Biff. Fuck you, Adam! He’s way better than Delvin!

“Say Something” sung by Deja Hall versus Ddendyl: NOOOOOO!!!! I love them both so much! UGH! Shakira tells Ddendyl that she needs to watch her nervous energy and breathing. Deja needs to not look terrified when she finishes singing. I love Ddendyl’s wardrobe. Deja needs to connect emotionally with the music. Chris Martin suggests she thinks about Harry Styles, who he also has a crush on. Deja says that she is going to think about her family while singing it. Ddendyl is having issues with her posture during it and admits that she would love to be playing piano right now. Shakira suggests a mic stand instead, which Chris says can be like a partner with the right kind of person. It’s all about feeling comfortable onstage. Shakira says Deja needs to connect and Ddendyl needs to work on stage presence. It’s a very delicate, yet bittersweet battle. I think it’s gorgeous and cool. Both girls sound great. Although I think they both still have their issues that Shakira mentioned: stage presence and connection. Side note: I freaking love Ddendyl’s retro wardrobe. It’s amazing. Adam talks about the song itself first. He says both the performances were very, very different. He said that Ddendyl had the hardest part because she lacks vibrato and held the notes. He loved Deja’s maturity. Blake loved Ddendyl’s maturity and Deja’s innocence. Usher thought they both did really great. He feels like Deja had a lot to be discovered in her voice, so he goes with her. Shakira loves them both as people and artists. Ddendyl’s voice is really unique and special. Deja’s voice is real and heavenly. She said they both killed it. The winner is DEJA HALL! Come Adam, Blake steal Ddendyl! She’s amazing, too!

I can’t believe we got one, but we have a montage.

Emily B. versus Kristen Merlin sing “I Can Love You Better.” The winner is KRISTEN MERLIN! 

“Story of My Life” sung by Stevie Jo versus Morgan Wallen: Stevie and Morgan are bros. Usher wants two great voices to play off each other. Morgan thought that Stevie Jo was flawless. Usher is impressed at his ownership of his song despite it not being right for him. Morgan is still a bit embarrassed at his lack of experience before in the song. He said that he was all over the map but Usher loved his confidence. Usher says he needs to work on his technical issues. Usher thinks that it represents them vocally and who they are as artists. Chris said that Stevie and Morgan have different tones but since there is five different tones in the original song its good. Chris said that they need to work on their breath control because the quiet moments need the same amount of breath as the big notes. Stevie Jo needs to commit to the song. Morgan needs to work on his notes. Stevie Jo’s mom is literally the happiest woman who was formerly in a metal band alive. Okay. Individually I like Morgan and Stevie’s voices. I’m just not sure they are best paired together. But they do sound very good. The ending sounds a lot better than the beginning in this case. Shakira said that she really enjoyed it especially Morgan’s raspy tone. She loved Stevie’s runs, too. Adam said that it was a song sung by men here not boys. He said that Morgan gave Stevie a run for his money. Blake is impressed by how far Morgan has come and that he did things he didn’t know Morgan was capable of. Ultimately, Blake gives it to Stevie Jo. Usher said that Morgan’s falsetto was it surprise (and it was for both of them) and that he improves. He loved that Stevie showed his soulful essence with those tricky melodies. The winner is STEVIE JO! Adam calls Morgan over for a fist bump. STEAL: ADAM LEVINE STEALS MORGAN WALLEN! Stevie Jo’s mom is really freaking out backstage. She is having a fangirl moment here about hugging Usher. I love this woman.

Come back next week as we see who Blake steals in the final night of the Battles Round Two

Bec Heim