The Chilling Water Cooler Encounter? Stars of “The Office” Join The Cast of “Goosebumps” The Movie

Photo: Scholastic
Photo: Scholastic

It’s been six years in development, but cast plans are finally emerging for Goosebumps, the movie. The Office’s Amy Ryan and Jillian Bell have been cast opposite Jack Black in the film, which is being produced by Neal H Morris of The Fast and the Furious franchise.

Dylan Minnette will star in the adaptation of RL Stine’s popular children’s novels as a teen that must save his town from the creations of the creepy author who lives next door, played by Black. Amy Ryan has been cast as Minnette’s mother, and Jillian Bell as his aunt.

Goosebumps books were originally published between 1992-1997 and they were also adapted into a popular television series.

We can’t wait for this movie, as for many of us these were the must read books of our childhood.