Team Usher Leaves Their Hearts On The Stage To Complete The Voice’s Top 12

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Welcome everyone to the final night of The Voice Playoffs!

We close out the night with the five remaining members of Team Usher competing for their chance to be his Top Three in the Live Rounds.

I’m just excited for some quality Usher time. It makes my soul happy.

So with that out of the way let’s do this thing!

“Tell Me Something Good” sung by T.J. Wilkins: T.J. has been consistently good and solid. I haven’t been wowed by him. He chooses the classic song because Stevie Wonder, one of his idols, wrote it. Usher tells him to liken his voice to an instrument such as a horn. So he wants to have more “horn” from him. And T.J. takes it to heart. Well that’s impressive. I’m pretty sure someone made a baby after that song aired. I’m being serious. He sounds pretty great. Not totally wow, I can still hear some room for improvement. It’s really solid though and a bit charismatic. That falsetto was done well. Other than that, it’s a good performance. I still feel like he hasn’t had his “wow” moment yet. I can see him making the Lives with that performance though. Shakira said she adored him and loves how committed he was in the song. Adam said T.J. made a great choice and wants to entertain people which makes him stand out. Blake thought that it was a great performance and doesn’t know what a tenor sax is. Usher said that T.J. reminded him of the era of music where there was a lot of freeness and soul.

“Halo” sung by Melissa Jimenez: Ugh. I really don’t like M.J. She does weird things with her voice. Plus I feel like she’s trying to force a Michelle Chamuel connection with him. She tells him that they met once before. Usher tells her that she needs to work on her breath control and round out her tone. Yeah. I’m not digging this. She’s doing the weird stuff with her voice again. Plus her tone is kind of breathy for my taste. She has a pretty voice but then she needs to do this strange stuff and its kind of trying waaaaaay too hard to make the song her own. Shakira said that it was a brave move to strip down the song and do a different approach for it. Adam said that she took a risk and said that there beautiful moments and troubled moments. Ultimately, he thought it was a courageous move. Blake thought it was solid and points out a moment where she needs to improve. He thought it was “pretty dang good.” Usher said that it was a do or die moment and that her effort has brought her this far. He wants her to continue to be committed every time she steps on the stage.

Awww Blake giving Usher a hug is really sweet!

“The Thrill Is Gone” sung by Stevie Jo: Seriously. I would have loved to see his Mom in a heavy metal band. Stevie Jo’s dad used to play electric lead while he fell asleep. Usher does a totally dorky air guitar move. He tells Stevie Jo that he needs to go longer for some of the notes. He also tells Stevie Jo that he needs to pull from the emotion as he experienced it. That is the essence of a true R&B/Soul artist. Hot damn Stevie Jo! That’s really good. Wow. No seriously wow. He sounds really, really good. That was really great! I love his Mom. She’s adorable. Blake loves watching Stevie Jo perform and it’s like sneaking up on the rabbit. He said he can say that because Stevie was really good. Adam said that it’s nice to see his ambition and his taste at this point. He focuses on the emotion over the technical for the blues song. Shakira loved hearing the rasp and the falsettos and loved it. She likes how fresh he is and admits that he made have stretched a couple notes too long. Usher said that he is a fan and thinks that he did the record great justice. He said that he believed it and felt like Stevie Jo connected with it.

“Wild Horses” sung by Bria Kelly: Did Bria have a birthday? I thought she was seventeen. Usher tells her not to rush and to connect with the emotion in the song. Her dad had recently bought her the guitar so she can have a piece of her family up there with her. Now Bria has a bit of an issue with going a bit overpowerful. I say that because she does gentle moments well and has good moments of power. She just kind of overdoes. Plus I feel like this song is kind of hard to do justice to. When people attempt it, it usually turns me off of them. Sarah Simmons in season four is a good example of this. Yeah. I feel like she’s swallowing some her words here. She has a really good voice. Yet sometimes she kind of gets a bit screechy? They kind of need to work on that and her quiet voice. I like her quiet voice. Adam laments not having her on his team. He admits that he was worried about her and is glad that she is “back” in full form. Shakira loves her unbelievable voice with rasp and sultry aspects. Blake said he’s stolen everyone she’s sung against because she makes everyone better. He loves her softer side more because it’s golden as Usher’s shoes. Usher said that it is trial and error with them learning about each other. He loves that she made it her own.

“It Will Rain” sung by Josh Kaufman: Josh is going to be the one that Adam will kick himself over losing. Usher is impressed with the song choice because he thinks Josh will kill it. Josh chooses it in honor of his wife. He admits for a love of gospel music. Usher tells him to add a bit more gospel to the song because it will become more soulful. Goddamn Josh is talented. No seriously. He’s talented. I’m glad that he got a song that was more in tune with his wheelhouse. I felt like his last two songs were a bit…too happy for him? He sings better if there is an aspect of pain to the song. So he sounds absolutely fucking stunning here. Goddamn! I have no words. He’s great. Adam is so happy that he’s still here and hopes he makes it to the top. Blake tells him that Miranda loves him and thinks that he is one of the best singers on the show this year. Shakira tells him she’s a huge fan and thinks that he so effortlessly talented. Usher tells him that he did an incredible job and said that it’s a collaborative effort between Josh, Adam, and Usher for the moment to happen.


JOSH KAUFMAN ADVANCES TO THE LIVE ROUNDS! Yeah. I saw that happening, too.

T.J. WILKINS ADVANCES TO THE LIVE ROUNDS! He did a good job. I still hope he has this “wow” moment.

I’m going to miss Stevie Jo.

See you next week when The Voice goes live and America has the vote!

Bec Heim