Team Blake Competes For A Spot In ‘The Voice’ Live Shows In Playoff Opening

Photo courtesy of NBC The Voice Tumblr
Photo courtesy of NBC The Voice Tumblr


Alright folks!

It’s time for the Playoffs. Okay. Another new thing this season…yaaay. (No I love new things but I would love to know what they are beforehand. It’s a thing.)

Okay so the Playoffs. From what I figured the Playoffs are taking the place of the first round of the Lives. Basically the coaches will to have to whittle their teams down to three members. This will make the Top 12 Live Show the first one.

Yeah. I’ll buy it. Actually it kind of sounds better than the Top 20 Live Rounds? Because that always took forever for me to get through and the voting for that round kind of stressed me out. Also I guess it gives the coaches more power?

Sure. Sounds good.

So tonight Team Blake will be cut to three. My money is on Sisaundra getting a spot. Why? Because Blake Shelton is not a stupid man. He knows that Sisaundra can get to the Top 5 easy.

“Broken Wing” sung by Audra McLaughlin: Audra chooses a song to highlight her strength. This is a song where she can embrace the person she is and what happened to her. Blake tells her the falsetto is the only iffy part, but it’s a nitpick. Audra is thrilled to have Blake on her side. Awww! Coach hug! “I love you, Sis.” Blake you’re adorable. Audra sounds great here. She starts off softer and then builds it up to more. I really do like Audra’s voice. I can’t really nitpick it because she sounds so great. I mean I don’t hear a lot of iffy moments. She just carries it so well. Hell yeah girl! That was excellent. Usher loved her effortlessly powerful voice and that Blake is bringing out her entertainer. Shakira loves her potent and powerful and emotive voice. Adam tells her that she’s spectacular and wants to see her more beastly performance side. Blake said that she has only gotten better since her Blinds performance and that she understands how important this is.

“Second Chance” sung by Ryan Whyte Maloney: Awwww! Look at his kids! “Daddy! Daddy!” I’m dying of cuteness. Ryan choose the song because of a difficult time him in his life. His parents were trying to get him to join the Army instead of music. Blake warns him to be careful with the song. He needs to preserve his voice and needs to have the best day that he can possibly have. Eh. It’s okay. I can tell that there is something missing here. He does do the best performance possible. Usher called it a breakout moment for Ryan and adored it. Adam wants a “bro-vorce” and thinks that Ryan has this mix of professionalism and rough edges. He thinks there is great things yet to come. Blake thought it was good too and thinks those big notes he does are amazing.

“Clarity” sung by Madilyn Paige: I think Blake may have picked the song here. He thinks it shows the softer side of her voice along with those big moments. She needs to break out. Blake tells her to fall into the emotion. She needs to explode onstage. OhmyGod that one guy in white behind her waving his arms is cracking me up. He looks so awkward! Oh don’t do that. Why are you doing that? Yeah the emotion is not there honey. She’s going home. She sounds nervous and the beats are overwhelming her voice. She needed a stripped down version of it or something. Something quieter to allow her to show more of her voice would have been best. This is really awkward to sit through. Usher said that Madilyn had found a different facet and said that it was a step into making her a well-rounded artist. Shakira said that it was well-done and liked her understated verses and powerful choruses. She says Madilyn has an alternative cool sound. Adam said that she needs to let go and feel it. Blake said he was glad he used his steal on her and that it was a good song for her. Blake believes in her but doesn’t think she did her best.

“Anywhere With You” sung by Jake Worthington: Jake has grown on me. I think he’s really sweet and a bit awkward. Awww! They look so cute together. He’s dedicating the song to her. Blake loves his talent for picking a song good for his range. Blake says he needs to be more presence. It’s clear the pair have bonded. It’s kind of adorable. Jake sounds awesome. He’s also clearly having a blast singing the song. This is totally what he needs to do. He looks comfortable and owns the stage. He also sounds really great and fits the song well. Shakira thinks that Jake is a star. Usher asks Jake how he felt he did. Jake admitted that he was off in a few spots but thinks he did pretty good. Usher tells him that he needs to believe it. Adam loved that Jake was totally leaving it out on the stage. He loves seeing how far Jake has come. Blake loves that Jake is the real deal and that he did great. Jake tells Blake how much that means to him that he is considered authentic. Hell yeah I love this kid.

“New York State of Mind” sung by Sisaundra Lewis: I am not surprised that Sisaundra is the last of the night. Sisaundra is a great vocalist. I just can’t really gel with her style. She uses a lot of flourishes and affectations in her performance. Blake said that she has to watch not over singing everything. She sounds great. I just don’t personally like it. She uses weird flourishes and tricks. It gets makes it hard for me to get into the song. I actually prefer the cover that Glee did last year of the song to this. Again it’s personal taste her. She’s going to get into the Lives. She just needs to watch herself because if she does too much then she could end up like Judith Hill and get cut. Usher just points to his stunned face. Sisaundra loves that face. Usher is blown away and can see the amazing artist she is becoming. Shakira gushes over Sisaundra’s voice and loves the “glam” to her sound. Adam loves that she got lost in but was still amazing. He said that up until the first chorus she sounded behind. Blake said that it was an attack strategy and has to rethink coaching. He tells her that he talks to her from his heart.


AUDRA MCLAUGHLIN MOVES TO THE LIVES! Yeah I saw that happening, too.

I think Jake is going to get the third spot. He gives the sweetest speech during the final three standing. I just want to hug him. ADVANCE HIM DAMMIT!


Bec Heim