Team Adam and Team Shakira Battle It Out For A Place In The Live Rounds

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Hello all!

Ready for more Playoff wonderfulness?

Tonight we’ll get the final three for two teams: Team Adam and Team Shakira, which leaves Team Usher for tomorrow!

I don’t mind the playoffs so far. I actually think cutting down the number of Live Shows is a good enough mood. Plus it allows the coaches to have a bit more control and to bond with the new member of their teams before tossing them into the deep-end of the Lives.

So far only Team Blake is set with Sisaundra Lewis, Audra McLaughlin, and Jake Worthington.

Alright enough talking. Let’s recap this!

“Two Black Cadillacs” sung by Kristen Merlin: Wow. I know nothing about this women. Thanks Voice fast forward editors! Shakira tells Kristen to focus on the emotional aspect. She tells Kristen to watch her growl. She needs to have fun with the song without going crazy. She has a pretty great voice. Holy shit that note! Why haven’t we seen more of her? She’s actually really solid, and she struts that stage. I just wish I can understand the lyrics. Adam said that she brought it, and that it was the moment she became a serious contender. He said that Kristen has bloomed under Shakira’s guidance. Blake said that it was his favorite performance of hers so far. He thought it was as flawless as a live performance can be and says the audience has bad rhythm. Usher said she has a strong voice and was a complete package. Shakira is proud and thrilled of her. She loves Kristen’s control of her voice and the stage.

“Battlefield” sung by Deja Hall: It’s the new youngest person in the competition! I hope she can emotionally connect more. Oh. I can already hear some flaws in her voice. Shakira says she’s in the pocket or “on the beat.” I thought she sounded pitchy and so does Shakira. Shakira says she needs to project confidence and strength here. I don’t think this was the best idea for Deja. Much like Madilyn, the song overwhelms her voice, and I still hear pitch issues. Blake is impressed at how much she grew and how she showed her attitude. Usher said that it was great but she nearly oversung the track. She needs to find balance. Adam said that she is at a really, really good place and the sky is the limit for her. Shakira is so proud of how she has flourished and her talent. She is thrilled at Deja’s new confidence.

“Human” sung by Tess Boyer: Poor Tess Boyer. She keeps getting passed around and around by the coaches. Shakira and Tess talk about her getting passed from team to team. They also talk about her schooling. Shakira doesn’t have a lot of technical notes because she is impressed by her. Tess does have a really good voice. So I’m enjoying listening to her. She’s on pitch, on beat, and understandable, which is more than what I got from Kristen and Deja. Tess absolutely KILLED it. Damn! She has to move on! Adam thought it was amazing. He impressed by her power and her control. Usher calls her superhuman for her ability to hold notes the way she does, and she has reaped the benefits of everything. Blake is impressed by how effortless she is. Shakira calls her the “little miracle” of Team Shakira, and that everything was amazing.

“Trouble” sung by Patrick Thomson: I would really like to see him do quiet or not overuse his growl. He overuses his growl, and it makes me twitch a bit. He chooses a soul/bluesy song that he feels fits his voice. Shakira said he needs to convince her of his talent as an artist. I heard better versions of his type of voice. I feel like he over-relies on his growl. I just don’t get it. I didn’t like it at all. That’s just me though. Adam envies his high notes and thought he did an excellent job. Usher said that he finally understands who Patrick is now as an artist and is thrilled to see him come into his own. Blake thanks him for not picking him as his coach and is glad Adam looks dumb for getting rid of him. He loves the growl in his voice. Shakira said he had his star making moment and totally took command of the stage. She is so proud of him right now.

“The Edge Of Glory” sung by Dani Moz: She left a steady job in PR in order to go into music full time. Dani chooses to do a stripped down version of the song. Shakira wants her to strip down her voice and show her emotion and vulnerability. Dani needs to be in the moment and present. This is pretty good. I wish her voice was a bit softer. HOLY SHIT THAT WAS A BIG NOTE! Wow. I go with her, Shakira! Adam said that she was overwhelmed and could hear her nerves in the beginning. He thought she was a amazing though. Blake loved seeing the emotional connection with Dani and the song and thinks she is a game-changer. Usher loves her passion and admits it was flawed but she gave tear-jerking performance. Shakira said that Dani connected her to the emotion in the song.


KRISTEN MERLIN ADVANCES TO THE LIVE ROUNDS! She was one of the more decent singers. Come on say Dani’s name please.


“Let’s Stay Together” sung by Delvin Choice: He does have a very good voice that can be overwhelming. Adam tells him that he needs to be careful with this song. It needs to sneak-up on people. He needs to dial back his voice more and go quieter. Then he can let out the bigger stuff. I have to admit this is pretty good. I think it was good idea to go with a softer voice and use his power sparingly. It makes for a surprisingly good cover. Blake said that it has been leaps and bounds for Delvin, and that he killed it. Usher said that Delvin has a multifaceted voice and a lot of talent to use it with. Shakira calls his cover “delicious” and said he drove the song in a tasteful way. Adam is insanely proud at how far Delvin has come and how good he sounds.

“She Will Be Loved” sung by Jake Barker: They are definitely playing up the “never performed live” thing before. Jake picks his coach’s song for reasons. (Mainly I think brownie points.) Adam thinks that he has the potential to nail it. He just needs to work on the chorus and bring the confidence. No. I’m sorry. He’s just not doing this song well. The band overwhelms his voice. He doesn’t have a good emotional connection. Adam does the song better and uses falsetto way better than Jake does. Please let him go. Blake thought it was good and could hear the Justin Timberlake. Usher said that he’s impressed with Jake’s growth here, and that he needs to find his voice in the process. Shakira said that he did an amazing rendition with an R&B approach and had some amazing trills. She thought it was a solid performance. Adam said that he’s been going from zero to sixty and is the most improved.

“Open Arms” sung by Kat Perkins: Oh honey. You’re too old to wear that cat ear headband.  She chooses a song that has deep personal meaning to her. Adam needs her to tone it up in the chorus. She just needs to put her whole voice there. Yeah. She needs to go to Live Rounds. Holy shit she is good. She is killing this. Her voice is so powerful, and she is slaying this song. Dear God Adam advance her! Usher said that she was flawless, and that Kat is a sure thing. Shakira loved the emotional connection she had with the song and the audience. Blake said that it was more “open lungs” instead of “open arms.” He has nothing to tell her. Adam has no clue how to approach this with her and said that she picked a difficult song. He loved her performance thought there was nothing to criticize. He calls her the best performance of the night.

“Stay” sung by Morgan Wallen: Morgan needs to burst out of his box. He wants to go back to his country roots. Adam wants to polish him up a bit like a diamond. He thinks that he’s naturally talented. Morgan sounds really good. I found his rasp much more palatable then Patrick’s and his voice more dynamic then Jake’s. So I kind of hope that he goes to the lives. I think that he can honestly only get better from here. I really does love his roughness here. There were some flaws but I think they’re fixable. Usher realizes that he should put Morgan with country music and is thrilled to hear him. Blake says that country is a great starting part for everyone and can hear some classic rock in Morgan’s voice. Shakira said that he’s improved substantially and made great changes. Adam says that he knows country by how genuine Blake is, and Blake is genuine. He is thrilled at how genuinely good he is.

“I Won’t Give Up” sung by Christina Grimmie: I don’t like her, and I feel like she’s going to move on. So this is going to suck sitting through. She wants to dedicate this song to her mom, who battled breast cancer three times. Adam wants her to focus her voice more and not go off the rails. I’m not digging this. I’m sorry. I just can’t get into her voice. She has pitch issues that I can hear. I don’t like this. I’m trying but it’s not connecting. Blake calls her the best singer on Team Adam and wonders how such a big voice comes out of such a small girl. He says that it can be tender, softer, powerful, and pointed. Usher calls her “baby Celine Dion” and thinks its amazing. Adam says that with her it’s only the beginning.


DELVIN CHOICE MOVES ONTO THE LIVE ROUNDS! I’m happier with this choice. I really saw it coming.

KAT PERKINS MOVES ONTO THE LIVE ROUNDS! I would have been PISSED if Kat wasn’t included in that group. She was amazing.


Bec Heim