Scarlett Johansson Gets Superpowers In First “Lucy” Trailer

Scarlett Johanson Gets Superpower's in First "Lucy" Trailer

Natasha Romanov who? Scarlett Johansson will be gaining some superpowers soon, but not as the Black Widow, her The Avengers character. The stunning, talented and versatile Scar Jo is slated to appear in the upcoming sci-fi flick Lucy, a film about a women who is used by the mob as a drug mule but ends up attaining special abilities, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The trailer doesn’t explain what kind of drug was inserted into Lucy’s stomach (because you know, standard drug mule practice), but it’s plain to see this is no ordinary drug. After all, its after effects include shifting eye colour, super strength and intelligence, the ability to write Chinese, and shapeshifting.

Who doesn’t want to be a shapeshifter? No one.

The film directed by Luc Besson will take place in a futuristicĀ Taipei, Taiwan. That’s right, a sci-fi dystopian flick starring Scarlett Johansson. Morgan Freeman will share the screen with the starlet because why not, we love him and the fact he is in everything.

Universal is slated to release the film August 8.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues