Rachel Berry To Tackle A ‘Funny Girl’ Classic On “Opening Night”

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail
Photo courtesy of AKM

In a little over a week, Miss Rachel Berry will be tackling the biggest role of her life: Fanny Brice.

Now as the resident Glee-recapper, I’m going to keep my opinions on that until the actual recap. It should not surprise anyone, however, that we’ll be hearing an actual Funny Girl song in the episode dealing with the opening night of the show.

(Seriously though how many is left at this point? I feel like I heard the whole catalogue of the show at this point.)

According to the lovely people over at GleekOutBrasil, the Funny Girl tune is going to be one that we’ve heard before.

Rachel Berry will be singing “I’m The Greatest Star” from the show. If you sharper eyed fans can remember all the way back to season three, then you’ll recall that it was covered by Kurt Hummel.

Here’s the original version of the song.

And here’s the Kurt Hummel version.

Now will Rachel’s version have sai swords?

The answer is probably not.

“Opening Night” will air on April 22nd at 8pm EST. “Tested” will air April 15th at the same time.

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