Project Let Love Reign: Lovely Ladies Raising Money For Amazing Causes!

Photo Courtesy of Project Let Love Reign
Photo Courtesy of Project Let Love Reign

In August of 2012 I found out about this cause as it was raising money in honor of Dianna Agron for the Wildlife Waystation in California. They had raised about 1,000 dollars for the cause and for any group of fans that’s an amazing feat. I was in awe of what they had done and I wanted help out with the cause in any way that I could, mostly donations and spreading the word for the cause when I could. As I started to donate and spread the word I started talking to some of the members of the team and I found out just how hard they work to put the causes together.

They don’t just ask for people to donate money, but they put together prize packages for people to win (like signed shirts from Dianna Agron), along with products that people can buy from bracelets, t-shirts, mugs, and so much more. These are some of the hardest working ladies I’ve ever met, and while I’ve heard many people say that they’re only doing this for the recognition, I can honestly say that these ladies love what they are doing whether they are getting recognized or not. I honestly don’t think they’d be doing it for this long if they didn’t care so much about the causes they are raising money for.

I’ve admired their work for awhile, and I’ve wanted to find a way to bring the spotlight to such an amazing group of ladies for awhile so I thought what better way than dig a little deeper and find out more about how this group of lovely ladies came to be, and so much more!

So how did Project Let Love Reign come into this world? Well, co-founder, Zena, was more than happy to help out with that answer of how it came to be, and why they brought this beautiful project to life!

“During the “Glee Live!” Tour in 2011, several individuals began donating to some of Dianna Agron and Lea Michele’s favorite charities in their honor and from there, Project Let Love Reign was created. We’re here to give individuals an outlet to help others, even when they don’t know who they’re helping.”

Now that the project was born all it needed was a name. Project Let Love Reign was obviously chosen as the name, but many including myself don’t know why it was chosen.

“It was conceived out of Dianna’s “Let Love In” quote. However, because we were fundraising for Lea Michele’s and Dianna’s favourite charities, we didn’t want to use that quote, exactly. We discussed what we wanted for PLLR and decided that whatever we did, we would always put love first – love for humans, love for the environment, love for one another, and love for all living things. Thus, the name Project Let Love Reign was agreed upon – love reigns over everything we do.” Zena told us.

With the cause together, and with a meaningful name now all it needed was some leaders to make the cause what it has become. Those leaders are Jenn (@Jennception),  Denise (@PrepareAFace),  Lucia (@Agroness),  Nadia (@LiveLoveDianna),  and Laura (@AgronNews). As to how they became a part of the team.

Jenn was the was the first to come onto the team, as Zena just started the cause, and about a week later asked Jenn to join on as a co-founder. Denise was asked onto the team by Jenn when they started their first major fundraiser for Wildlife Waystation. Nadia found herself as a member of the team when she heard about Wildlife Waystation and became passionate about raising money for the cause and through that got in contact with Jenn, who asked her to join the team. Laura had been running AgronNews on twitter for awhile and was helping spread the word about the cause through her thousands of followers on twitter. One thing lead to another and she was also asked to join the team. Last but certainly not least is Lucia, who joined the team to help the cause become more global as Lucy is not only super passionate about causes but she’s also Italian. She was the perfect fit to round out the group.

With Project Let Love Reign being such a rewarding thing to be a part of, it was only fair to find out from the ladies what their favorite thing about being apart of it is:

“What I love about PLLR is the friendships I’ve made with everyone. And I love that we work with so many different charities and organizations. ” -Jenn (@Jennception)

“It brings me a good feeling, helping people via the associations. It makes me feel useful, makes me feel proud to be part of this. We’re not changing the world but helping people, even a little bit, is always a good thing. I’m also glad I got to meet this group of people, some have become close friends.” -Laura (@AgronNews)

“My favorite thing about being a part of PLLR is the camaraderie between the members and the wealth of good ideas we all bring to each cause.  It really is a group effort.” -Denise (@PrepareAFace)

“As one of the original founders of the organization, I have grown to love every single aspect of Project Let Love Reign. However, I think the most rewarding aspect is knowing that all of your effort is transforming lives. That one thing makes it all worth it.” -Zena (@ProjectLLR)

” I love the girls that I work with. They are truly an amazing, strong group of women that I learn from and lean on every day. We bounce ideas off each other, and come up with great ways to raise money for charity so it’s amazing.” -Nadia (@LiveLoveDianna)

“It’s probably the feel of being a part of something, knowing you are somehow helping people out there, doing something good for the world we live in. When you see the goals you hit, that’s when you truly realize you are making a difference, a change maybe, and it feels awesome!” – Lucia (@Agroness)

With a name, a cause, and team leaders all that was left to do was raise some money, and boy did they raise some money. In fact for all the campaigns that they’ve run so far they’ve raised over 30,000 dollars combined for multiple charities:

$12,200 raised for “Somaly Mam Foundation” in honor of Dianna’s 27th Birthday last year.
over $9000 for “Wildlife Waystation”
$1141 for “The Trevor Project”
$1145 for “826LA” (Not counting this year’s Birthday Project)
$675 to “Human Rights Campaign”
$610 for the “It Gets Better Project”
$530 for “PETA”
and over 4200 dollars combined for various other charities

With raising over 12,000 dollars for the Somaly Mam Foundation in honor of Dianna Agron’s birthday last year, it was only fitting that they attempt to make some magic again and attempt to raise even more money this year for another amazing cause close to Ms. Agron’s heart, 826LA. It’s is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. Agron has been a major supporter of the cause even hosting a concert for them and participating in a spelling bee to raise money for them. So why did they chose to raise money for this deserving charity in honor of Ms. Agron this year?

“We’ve always been huge admirers of the work 826LA does. 826LA was actually the first charity that Project Let Love Reign ever donated to! Dianna has been such a dedicated supporter of 826LA’s work and we thought that it was time to show our love and appreciation for such a wonderful organization.” -Zena

The cause is well underway for this year and they’ve already raised over 4700 dollars for 826LA! Their goal is to raise 10,000 dollars and every donation, even if it’s just a dollar is still a dollar closer towards their goal! They’ve had tons of giveaways already for people that have donated and we’ve learned exclusively that they still have a few surprises up their sleeves before the campaign ends, and while they can’t reveal what they are just yet they promise that they will be worth the wait!

Not only does the cause have a few surprises but Dianna Agron has acknowledged the cause on multiple occasions and how amazed she is at all the money they’ve raised:

So how does it feel to have the person you’re honoring acknowledge the hardwork that you’ve done? well here’s what the ladies had to say:

“The fact that Dianna has acknowledged our work is just incredible. She has such a voice to reach people and just one little mention from her reaches so many people and then brings even more awareness to our causes. Every mention from her has just been amazing and we are all so appreciative of her for recognizing our efforts. ” -Jenn (@Jennception)

“Great, I mean, saying we don’t care would be lying. Sure it’s nice for us but I think that most of us really see it has a chance for our projects and causes to be talked about. When she tweets about it, you can be sure that we get donations right after. It makes the whole thing more “official” and it surely has helped us a lot to reach our goals in the past. She’s amazing and is ready to do such great things to help us… She’s an angel. ” -Laura (@AgronNews)

” It still floors me that Dianna takes the time to reach out to her fans with regard to their work in her honor.  It means a great deal that she shows dedication to the projects that we, too, take to heart.” -Denise (@PrepareAFace)

“It’s a great feeling knowing that she appreciates all of the work her fans do and all of the love that they show for charitable organizations. She’s been instrumental in advertising our work and the auctions that we hold to raise money for various organizations.” -Zena (@ProjectLLR)

“Dianna’s support means the world to us. She’s truly gone above and beyond with helping our causes succeed and we are so thankful that she continues to tweet and help out. She’s the best, truly. ” -Nadia (@LiveLoveDianna)

“It feels amazing, knowing Dianna knows and supports our projects is probably more than we expected in first place, it’s flattering, really. We are doing this because we truly believe in what we are doing, having Dianna supporting us only improves our chances to hit our goals and help people around us. This Lady is just amazing, made of love, sharing love. This is probably the best lesson we learnt from her, and that’s why we are going through all of this.” -Lucia (@Agroness)

If you’d like to find out more about the birthday cause you can check out their tumblr here, the Project Let Love Reign (PLLR) on their tumblr and twitter.

Lastly I truly hope after reading this that you consider donating to not only help PLLR reach their goal, but to raise much needed money for a cause that truly deserves it in 826LA! If you’d like to donate you can do it one of two ways:

-1. Through the causes page which you can find HERE!
-2. Through the PLLR shop where you can get products like Dianna Agron related t-shirts and mugs, HERE!

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