Prepare To Go Fishing Again As MTV’s Catfish Premieres New Trailer

Gif: MTV

The trailer for the third season of the hugely popular MTV series, Catfish was released earlier this week after it was announced that it would return for a 10 episode run, which promises to be darker than ever before.


If you’ve never seen Catfish, it is a show that exposes the many ways people can be tricked into a relationship with someone over the Internet. It was inspired by host Nev Schulamn’s own story, as he was a victim of a Catfish himself. His story was made into a documentary, simply, called Catfish. The film was such a success that Nev began getting emails from other people who believed that they were the victims of a similar crime, and so Catfish: The TV Show was born.

Although the previous seasons have contained some pretty scary stuff, Schulman explains that the third season is different to its predecessors, “Making Catfish: The TV Show the last two years has exposed me to all kinds of strange and unusual scenarios, but nothing could have prepared me for the twists and turns of season three.”

He added, ”This season we have family members catfishing each other, celebrities hunting down their super-fan stalkers, Instagram romance, people posing as famous music producers and scams resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars. The lies love, betrayals and surprises will not only make you think twice about online love, but will completely change the way you think about society.”

Also because of technologies evolving the team have had to come up with more techniques for tracking down the suspected Catfish. As the show’s co-host and Schulman’s best friend Max Joseph, explains, “A lot of these catfish only have cell phones which changes the mode of investigation. Reverse telephone lookups and tracing the geo-tags of photos has become more vital to out process and image search is no longer our weapon of choice. We’ve also resorted to some good-old fashioned techniques like knocking on doors, jumping on planes to visit ‘witnesses’ and asking questions in person.”

As someone who watches re-runs of Catfish on a regular basis I can’t wait for this new season, but can anything really top the Keyonnah & Bow Wow episode or the Jen and Skylar episode? I guess we shall just have to wait and see.

Season 3 of MTV’s Catfish will premiere on May 7 at 10 p.m EDT and according to MTV, ”will air across MTV’s International channels soon after the show’s U.S. premiere beginning May 2014 (check local listing).”


Kayleigh Falvey