Pitch It Monday: A Wish of Historical Proportions

Photo: Universal Pictures
Photo: Universal Pictures

First off, before we go deep into the dark recesses of my brain, I’d like to apologize for the tardiness of this article. Life grabbed me by the horns last week and just would not let go. So, here is my Pitch It Monday movie wish that was supposed to be posted last week.

Anyway, in my last article, I teased that this week’s column would include fedoras, sand, and Brendan Fraser. Now that could lead to just about anything – including another Mummy movie. You’d be on the right track if you guessed that but you’d be missing a key element to this epic pitch. And that element would be…Indiana Jones. Right now, you’re probably thinking, ‘Why Indiana Jones?’ That is why I’m here, dear readers, so I can tell you exactly why I’d want this epic crossover

Like many of my story ideas, this one was spawned from a song entitled “Nemo” by Nightwish. The song talks about a mysterious character named Nemo who really doesn’t have a name or an “honest heart as compass.” Thus, an idea was born. What if Rick and Evelyn and Indy and Mutt are unwittingly joined together by an ancient artifact and the keeper of the artifact, named Nemo? Of course, the artifact would be Egyptian based because taking the Mummy out of Egypt is like taking CSI out of Vegas, it doesn’t work well.

The ambiguous questions presented in this film would be, who is friend and who is foe and is Nemo who she says she is? In my mind, no, Nemo would not be who she says. In my mind, Nemo would be the villain. However, if she’s protecting something that has familial value or ties, I’d say she was the anti-hero. Everyone could take something different away from it. As to who is friend or foe, remember that Evie is a reincarnated Egyptian princess; Rick is a Medjai; and Alex once led the way to Amsher. It would be likely that Indy would not trust them, thus making the entire movie a comedy of error, quick wit and globe-trotting adventure.

In addition to strong performances by all of the cast, the movie would be extra pretty. Industrial Light and Magic’s special effects have grown in the years since the first and second films of The Mummy trilogy as well as Lucasfilms and their CGI in Indiana Jones. The only drawback to this wish movie is that Disney owns Lucasfilms now and The Mummy belongs to Universal. I have the feeling that neither studio would want to share the rights or the money the movie would make which in turn, makes this pitch impossible but, hey, a girl can dream right?

In the meantime, here is my synopsis of the movie–that I’ve had for years, mind you–that will never be:

Following the events of Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Evie and Rick O’Connell seek to settle down once again from the adventure life. Jonathan Carnahan is still in Peru, making a name for himself, and Alex, the O’Connell’s son, has married Lin and moved to a quiet suburb of London. The same goes for famed adventurer and archaelogist Indiana Jones. After marrying longtime sweetheart Marion Ravenwood, Indy gives up the adventure life to be a full time professor. His son Mutt, however, won’t give the lifestyle up and one day, he finds himself tied up in the bottom of an ancient pyramid with a mysterious girl named Nemo. Mutt had been on the trail of an ancient artifact said to never exist, the Eye of Horus. The Eye is said to have powers of protection and can ward off everything from sickness to war and pestillence. Naturally, the Soviets want it, but, so does Nemo. After Mutt doesn’t return home for his parents’ anniversary, Marion seeks out the O’Connels and Indy, while wary of the situation, goes to London and is immediately immersed in the adventure life once again. Their search takes them all over Egypt and Nemo, despite being quiet and demuer, leads them all into something neither Indy or the O’Connells could ever imagine.

So, what do you think? I know, my summary doesn’t do it justice. It’s far more epic in my head than it is on paper. I’m horrible at summaries. But, would it be something you’d watch? Let us know, dear readers, and join me next week on my next ramble involving my most favorite movie ever, Tron.

Shelby Arnold
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