Photos Show Nyssa and Friends Upcoming Return on ‘Arrow’ Finale

Courtesy of EW
Courtesy of EW

It looks like Nyssa al Ghul missed Starling City a bit more than she’d like to admit. Nyssa will be returning with some friends in tow EW reports, so hopefully this will tie up that end of where Sarah (Caity Lotz) went when she picked up and left to see an “old friend.”

The natural question is, is Nyssa that old friend? Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg told EW that Sarah did not go to find Nyssa – she went to find help, because “Because when you’re fighting an army, you need an army.” Kreisberg said that the finale, titled “Unbreakable” is a full on war between Slade and his army, and the League of Asassins who will fight alongside Arrow, Canary and Roy.

The finale that Kreisberg credits as being “f—ing insane” will air on the CW May 14.



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