Pedro Pascal Teases His Game Of Thrones Debut

Photo: Ace Showbiz
Photo: Ace Showbiz

Pedro Pascal has spoken about his character Oberyn Martell and his grudge against the dangerous Lannisters in a recent interview.

When speaking about his character, Pascal said that Oberyn is “defiantly punk rock,” adding, “He’s like, ‘Live life to the fullest, suck the marrow, play hard, love hard, hate hard.”

The actor, who is set to make his Game of Thrones debut in the season opener, has said that Oberyn “won’t waste any time” in trying to shake up the Lannisters. In fact the first time we see the character is when he opts to go visit Littlefinger’s “business” instead of going to the formal welcome at the capital and brings his wife Ellaria Sand along too. “I would say she’s the love of Oberyn’s life, and they have four daughters together,” Pascal said. He also added “As far as meeting us in the brothel, that very well may have been her idea.”

‘Why does Oberyn have a grudge against the Lannisters?’, I hear you ask. Well, he holds them responsible for the death of his sister Elia Martell, as she was raped and killed during the over throwing of Mad King Aerys, by none other than Gregor Clegane/The Mountain. Since The Mountain was working under Tywin Lannister at the time, Oberyn holds them responsible and insists that there is a blood debt that needs to be paid.

Besides, we all know how much the Lannisters love repaying their debts, so we will have to wait until season four starts to find out how or when this particular debt is settled.

Kayleigh Falvey