Natasha Henstridge Joins Cast Of ABC Pilot “Selfie”


Photo: Getty Images / Vincent Sandoval/WireImage
Photo: Getty Images / Vincent Sandoval/WireImage


Selfie, ABC’s modern take on My Fair Lady, has added a new member to its cast. Karen Gillan (Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy) and John Cho (Star Trek, Sleepy Hollow) were previously announced as the leads for this new comedy, playing Eliza Dooley, a socialite in need of help with her public image and Henry, the marketing expert who sets out to remodel her image. Also in the cast are David Harewood (Homeland, Doctor Who) as Eliza’s boss Sam Saperstein and the newest addition, Natasha Henstridge (Species, The Whole Nine Yards, The Secret Circle) in a recurring role as Mrs. Saperstein.

There is very little information on Mrs. Saperstein, but her husband is described as “the rich, handsome, confident but eccentric President of Kinderlab Pharmaceuticals who is very involved in the lives of his employees and not afraid to show affection.”

Eliza Dooley and Henry (will his last name be Higgins?) are clearly based on the main characters from the beloved musical and movie My Fair Lady, but the inspiration for Harewood and Henstridge’s characters are less clear. Maybe Mr. Saperstein is a version of Colonel Pickering, the friend of Henry Higgins who sponsored his work with Eliza and was very kind to her (in marked contrast to Higgins), or maybe he is an entirely new character who will help round out the world of the show. In any case, these are the sorts of questions that make reboots fun, and I can’t wait to check out Selfie.

With such brilliant source material and an impressive cast, I would be shocked if ABC passed on the show. Let’s hope Selfie will be brought to our screens for the fall TV season! Look for an official announcement from ABC in May 2014.


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