Mindy is Back Asking You To French Me You Idiot and Discovering Indian BBW’s

Photo: FOX

It wasn’t an April Fool’s Joke! A full hour of The Mindy Project! Finally! And after a pretty fabulous episode of Glee if I do say so myself (check out our recap if you don’t believe me). But let’s get down to business. We last left Mindy and Danny sucking face on a plane home from LA… So.. What happens next?

What You Need to Know:

Mindy and Danny have decided to give it a go. The only problem is Cliff. After Danny crafted the perfect ‘get back with me letter,’ he is smitten with Ms. Lahiri. So much so Mindy can’t shake him. Danny refuses any of Mindy’s advances since she’s technically in a relationship. To top it off when she tries to break things off with him his Gram passes away.

Since Mindy wrote him such a beautiful letter Cliff asks her to write the eulogy, and well… It doesn’t go well. Halfway through Danny excuses himself and she follows. They make out in the back of the church and Mindy’s ass knocks over a candle setting the curtains ablaze. She comes clean to Cliff who punches Danny and warns them that Grams would haunt them.

Which may be true! While making out on Mindy’s couch later her light bulb explodes… Grams?! This time around Mindy wants to take things slow and Danny is a bit reluctant. He’s heard all about her prior sexcapades, so why is she holding out now?

We actually find out (well Peter Finds out) that Mindy has a sex tape on the Internet with her former flame Tom (you know he went to his wedding and got drunk, Tom?). Peter helps Mindy on quest to get the tape pulled from the web before Danny, ermm the new guy that she’s dating, finds out.

Meanwhile Danny comes down with Meningitis and is hospitalized where he consults his brother about what to do with Mindy. In his mind with no sex they aren’t dating. Ritchie tells him to take it slow, he has a tendency to judge/overact so maybe she’s just a bit hesitant to put all the cards on the table.

Mindy and Peter get the tape back from Tom now it’s off to Sploderz to get the clip off the Internet. They’re reluctant at first because apparently the market is dying for Indian BBW (which Mindy learns is Big Beautiful Woman and she takes great offense). After discovering Peter is a Dartmouth Alum they agree to take the tape down but not before offering Mindy $300,000 to do a film for them. (She may have considered for a hot second.)

All was for nothing though. Morgan brings some of Mindy’s paperwork to the hospital so she can hang with Danny. Too bad the tape was tucked in there and he decided to watch. Danny is horrified and Mindy panics. Peter starts to put the pieces together. Mindy passes out because well, she’s been kissing Danny, so she has Meningitis too.

Things aren’t looking good for the new (almost) couple and Peter does his best to smooth things over. He drags Tom in to tell Danny that Mindy didn’t even really like him. She only dated him for so long because he was well endowed (TMI, Tom). Danny softens and heads to Mindy’s room and reads her Bridget Jones Diary. He even does the voices.

I have faith that I won’t hate this couple like I began to hate Nick and Jess….