Matt Smith Chooses His Favourite ‘Doctor Who’ Season

Photo: BBC Worldwide
Photo: BBC Worldwide

The Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, spoke about his favourite Doctor Who series and lines at the Wizard World Comic Con.

“For me, the best storytelling was in series five. It had great adventure and great clarity and I loved that whole idea about the Pandorica and the Big Bang. It was the one I connected with most” he said when asked which series he considers the best of his era.

As all our Whovians remember, series six was full of twists and turns, including River Song being Amy and Rory’s part time-lord daughter; “I think in terms of revelations, River being Amy’s daughter was a bit ‘what the hell?!’”, Smith said.

Every Doctor had epic lines and speeches, but which is Matt Smith’s favourite long speech during his time as the Doctor?

“I think it has to be when I talk to the spaceships in ‘The Pandorica Opens’. […] Looking back I think some of my best work was in my first series because I was actually taking real risks and that was a real moment”, Smith explained.

Doctor Who will return later this year with Peter Capaldi in charge of the TARDIS.

Which Matt Smith series you consider the best? And which were your favourite lines/speeches?