Marvel Unveils Anniversary Comic Books At C2E2

Photo: Marvel
Photo: Marvel

Warning to comic readers: the following information contains spoilers.

Chicago’s C2E2 was the backdrop for a string of announcements from Marvel Comics.

First off, Sam Humphries and Paco Medina’s Legendary Star-Lord was confirmed as an on-going series in July. Peter Quill will have his solo series but will continue to star in Guardians of the Galaxy. The spinoff book will follow the events surrounding Quill’s showdown with his father Jason of Spartax.

Original Sin, which brings together Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and Wolverine and also Punisher, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Black Panther and Emma Frost, will include a surprise: Neil Gaiman’s character Angela is the daughter of Odin, thus Thor and Loki’s sister. This storyline will be in Jason Aaron, Simone Bianche, Al Ewing and Lee Garbett’s five-part miniseries Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realms, also numbered Original Sin #5.1-5.5.

Another surprise in Original Sin #4-5 is the revelation that Peter Parker was not the only person bitten by a radioactive spider. This will introduce the character Silk and her background story.

Meanwhile, in Uncanny X-Men #23 and #24, Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo will deliver a link with Original Sin called The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier.

Marvel’s Young Guns initiative is back after a five-year break to spotlight up-and-coming artists. Some of these are Mahmud Asrar (Wolverine and the X-Men), Nick Bradshaw (Guardians of the Galaxy), Sara Pichelli (Guardians of the Galaxy), David Marquez (Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man), Valerio Schiti (New Avengers) and Ryan Stegman (Wolverine). Stegman was also announced as the artist on Inhuman from issue #4 after the departure of Joe Madureira.

Lastly, Marvel will shed a light on the possible future with the 100th Anniversary specials, set in 2061. It is composed of five specials of Marvel favourites:

100th Anniversary Special – Guardians of the Galaxy, by Andy Lanning, Ron Marz and Gustavo Duarte.
100th Anniversary Special – Spider-Man, by Sean Ryan and In-Hyuk Lee.
100th Anniversary Special – X-Men, by robin Furth and Jason Masters.
100th Anniversary Special – Avengers, by James Stokoe.
100th Anniversary Special – Fantastic Four, by Jen Van Meter and Joanna Estep.

Seems like we will have to break the piggy bank to get all these goodies!