Mama Monster Hints At A Sequel: Lady Gaga Hints At ARTPOP Volume 2

Photo: Lady Gaga
Photo: Lady Gaga

It’s a bit of an inside joke but if you’re a Lady Gaga fan, “soon” is usually the last word you want to hear when the star talks about future releases. Why? Because when that word is used, it actually usually means “never” or “maybe in a few thousand years”. But, I can’t help getting excited at the idea that we might be getting a second volume of ARTPOP soon!

Months before ARTPOP was even released, the ‘Do What U Want’ singer revealed to fans in a chatroom on her social networking site, , that she was thinking of making two ARTPOP albums, one for a commercial audience and one with more experimental work on it. Because the November 11 release of the album ARTPOP included both commercial and experimental material, fans were left confused as to whether that idea had been scrapped!

Knowing Lady Gaga, she always has surprises and exciting things happening behind the scenes! After previously revealing that she had written over 100 tracks in this album cycle alone, she has now hinted that some of that work may come to light in an album format.

Speaking to American Top 40, the ‘Born This Way’ performer admitted that she has material for a second ARTPOP album and hopes to release it soon. She said:

“I wrote a lot of songs when I was creating ARTPOP. When I was done working on them I had a very specific idea of the concept for the first release of ARTPOP. But I do have a lot more records. But there’s a strong possibility I will release another volume of ARTPOP and I’m really hoping that it’s soon.”

The star has also recently wrestled criticism about the success of ARTPOP compared to other artists and even her own previous work. Her honorary Keynote Speaker interview at last month’s SXSW festival delves deep into the current state of the pop-music industry and the relationship between the artist, the labels, the listeners and the money. You can watch it below.

Lady Gaga has also revealed her third single from ARTPOP will be, as she puts is,  “power-bottom anthem”, ‘G.U.Y’ which stands for ‘Girl Under You’. The song has already been viewed almost 35 million times in total on YouTube and is available to watch as an entire short-movie or just as a typical music video. You can watch the short-movie version and the single-only version below.

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