Lana Del Rey Begins Promotion For “Ultraviolence”

Photo: Lana Del Rey
Photo: Lana Del Rey

It has already been dubbed as one of the most anticipated albums of the year but Lana Del Rey has just begun her campaign for her upcoming work, titled Ultraviolence. The collection will be the follow-up to the singer’s 2012 global success with Born To Die. Despite the fact that this will only be the songstress’ second offering, it has already attracted some serious attention from fans and potential new fans.

To kick-start her promotion for the new record, giant billboards featuring the album title and a picture of the star have popped up in places like Booklyn, New York. She has also been posting regular album-themed Tweets on her Twitter account.

Speaking of her Twitter account, it seems the sultry singer plans to begin the Ultraviolence album-run with a new single called “West Coast”. Speculation suggests either a preview of the track or the full song will appear online tonight. The star posted what appears to be the single cover, featuring Lana, her name and the song title.

We previously reported on a fan video that showed Lana meeting with fans and chatting with them, when she accidentally let slip that the album might drop in May without realizing there was a camera recording her. Although she laughed off her comment and followed it up with an “I dunno…”, there is a possibility that the album could actually release very soon.

Other than that, there has been absolutely no word on what we can expect from the album. Ludicrous rumours have been buzzing around the internet suggesting what sort of collaborations and genres will feature on Ultraviolence. All I will say about these rumours is that I will be very, very surprised if this is actually an EDM record with collaborations from a bunch of European DJs and fellow popstars that the ‘Summertime Sadness’ singer obviously has beef with.

In the meantime listen to Del Rey’s upcoming track from the eagerly anticipated Disney movie Maleficent

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