Lady Gaga And Verizon To Livestream The Last Ever Show At Roseland Ballroom

Image: Lady Gaga
Image: Lady Gaga


It’s heartbreaking to know that the iconic Roseland Ballroom venue in New York will be closing down after 55 years of golden musical history, but it is very exciting that the event will be getting the Gaga treatment and we will all get to enjoy it from the comfort of our own homes!

Lady Gaga received the honour of being chosen to not only play the most shows at the historical venue, but she will also be the last ever performer to play there. In appreciation of Roseland’s illustrious reputation, Lady G and Verizon have teamed up to stream the entire final show online for the world to see.

In a video posted to YouTube, the “Do What U Want” singer explains that final ever Roseland show on April 7 will be streamed on through Verizon. The show will be the last of her 7-show residency which has attracted a lot of media attention.



“Celebrity news blogger” Perez Hilton had planned to attend the first show with other Gaga-haters in an attempt to throw stink bombs at the audience. The first show (March 28) was also Gaga’s birthday so thankfully, they were not granted entry.

The “Applause” hitmaker celebrated her birthday after the show by attending Of Mice And Men on Broadway which stars James Franco and Chris O’Dowd. They met backstage to take photos after the show.

Finally, Gaga is back on her feet and continuing to campaign her ARTPOP album after poor management left her in a creative mess over the past few months. The star released her brand new video for new single “G.U.Y” on March 22 and it has already whipped up over 30 million views.

The short-film, titled ‘G.U.Y – An ARTPOP Film’ is over 11 minutes long and includes short references to other album tracks such as ‘Artpop’, ‘Venus’ and ‘MANiCURE’. You can watch it below.


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