Kurt And Blaine Channel One Direction For “The Back-Up Plan”

Photo courtesy of FOX
Photo courtesy of FOX

The song spoilers keep coming for the upcoming episodes of Glee.

According to GleekOutBr, we are getting another One Direction cover, this time it is “Story Of My Life”.  The song will be sung by Kurt and Blaine. It will be featured in “The Back-Up Plan”, the 18th episode of this season.

This song represents the fourth Klaine duet of the season, with “Love is a Battlefield” to premiere in two weeks, which makes me a very happy girl.

If you have been living under a rock like me, and don’t know the song check out the video below.  It will be interesting to see what context this will be used. One theory we have around our (metaphorical) office is that the boys will sing the song to Rachel, who may need a back-up plan after opening night.

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