Is Syfy Purposely Cutting The Lesbians Off Of Lost Girl?

Photo courtesy of Fanpop
Photo courtesy of Fanpop

Whoever is responsible for editing the US broadcast of Lost Girl for SyFy has some explaining to do. In this season, it was obvious to fans, who had seen both the Canadian and US broadcasts, that SyFy made cuts that worked to erase the relationship between Bo and Lauren. One Tumblr user, Skyfyreit wrote an open letter to SyFy, detailing the cuts and how they affect audience perception.

This is a show about a bisexual (possibly more accurately pansexual) succubus who has two steady love interests, one man (Dyson) and one woman (Lauren). Dyson gets more screen time and has had none of his scenes about Bo cut, whereas Lauren gets less screen time and very frequently has her scenes about and with Bo cut.

I’m going to point out that none of the scenes where Lauren is in bed with another woman were cut. So SyFy has no problems with sex scenes, just scenes that indicate that Lauren and Bo mean something to each other. Skyfyreit points out one scene in the final episode of season four where they literally cut out the middle of the conversation with Bo and Lauren and then tried piecing it together.

It seems a bit odd that SyFy would chose to cut out Doccubus scenes, because Doccubus fans seem to make up a good chunk of the fandom. They’re at least the most vocal chunk. The same goes for scenes with Zoie Palmer (Lauren), who had also just won the Fan Choice Award at the Canadian Screen Awards. Why cut scenes with a character or couple that is the fan favorite? I don’t want to immediately yell homophobia, but if the shoe fits…

A petition has started on, asking SyFy to be more considerate of the effects their edits have on the storytelling and characterization.