Holy Cellist, Coulson! New Stills Preview Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s “The Only Light in Darkness”

Photo courtesy of ABC
Photo courtesy of ABC

The Cellist was only mentioned as a throw away line in The Avengers. Something to tease the viewers who were anxiously awaiting information about the secretive Phil Coulson. Thanks to ABC’s Agents of SHIELD, we are finally getting to see her and, perhaps, see a bit of softness in Coulson. The entire episode is ridiculously under wraps.

TVLine, however, has snagged some episode stills for you to whet your appetite for next week.

The pictures predominantly feature Cobie Smoulders,  who is returning as Agent Maria Hill. Hill is one of Coulson’s only allies now that SHIELD has fallen to HYDRA. We also get new pictures of Amy Acker as Audrey, the ever elusive Cellist.

Take a browse through the gallery below, Agents. Make sure to sound off below on your theories revolving around Audrey, Hill, and the mysterious force threatening Audrey.

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  1. The screencaps with Cobie in them are from episode *20*, “Nothing Personal”, which is the one *after* The Only Light in the Darkness. They released stills from both episodes.

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