Hey You Guys! A Sequel To The Goonies Is A Very Real Possibility

Photo: Warner Bros.
Photo: Warner Bros.


Hey you guysss!

It’s been 28 years since we heard those words, and now, all these years later it looks like we might be hearing them again… Maybe. Possibly.

While signing autographs for fans recently, Richard Donner, the director of one of the greatest cult movies of a generation The Goonies, dropped a bombshell. He’s making a sequel, and he wants to bring back the entire cast!

The question started off innocently enough, when he was asked if was going to make another comic book movie, the director replied, “If you call Goonies a comic book. We’re doing a sequel.” Those in attendance then asked who of the original cast would be returning, to which Donner replied, “Hopefully all of them.”

There was no mention of whether the gang would return for a new adventure, feature them in cameos or, what could be an interesting possibility, the parents of the next generation of Goonies as their children carry on their legacy.

There have been rumours circulating for many, many years about the potential for a sequel, but never before has it come from such a credible source.

So what do you guys think? Do you support a sequel? Or would you rather one of your favourite childhood films be left alone? Personally, I think if done right, this has the potential to be one of the greatest sequels of all time. But that is a very big IF.


Sarah Goddard

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