Heather Morris To Return For Glee Season Finale

Photo: Fox
Photo: Fox

It’s the news Brittana shippers have been waiting for… Heather Morris looks set to return to Glee. The actress recently returned to our screens as Brittany S. Pierce for Glee’s 100th episode, where she shared a romantic reunion with Santana- and viewers watched as the pair decided to head off to the island of Lesbos for a while. (Dani who?)

Now E! Online reports that Morris will reprise her role as the dippy cheerleader turned MIT mathematical genius for the season 5 finale. The season has been cut from 22 episodes down to 20 after the delay in filming due to the passing of Cory Monteith. No word yet on whether she will also appear in the sixth and final season of the show, but Brittana being endgame is looking evermore hopeful for fans of the couple.

The season finale airs on Tuesday, May 13 at 8pm on FOX in the US.