Gremlins May Be Coming: Reboot Of 80s Classic Is Being Fed After Midnight By Warner Bros.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

A reboot of the 80s classic Gremlins is said to be “moving quickly” through the ranks at Warner Bros.

The news comes shortly after it was revealed that the much talked about sequel to another 80s classic, The Goonies, has also been given the green light. Ain’t it Cool News reported that, “(Richard) Donner, Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus are co-producing the film and actively looking for writers and directors.”

When asked, a few years ago, about a possible Gremlins remake Columbus said,”It would be fun to go back and revisit. Something like Gremlins, which is a movie I really like, I think it’s impossible to recreate in a CGI environment. I think it will inevitably lose some of its charm. Those are edgy Muppets in a sense and you don’t want to lose that sense of anarchy that those gremlins had, because behind the scenes are 25 puppeteers making them to come to life.”

Although a director or a schedule for the reboot has been announced, Digital Spy reports that, “Dark Shadows writer Seth Grahame-Smith claimed to be producing with David Katzenberg, son of DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.”

Kayleigh Falvey