Glee’s Season Finale Extended Summary Revealed! Where Do We Go From Here?

Photo: FOX
Photo: FOX


Well Gleeks, we are rapidly approaching the end of the season and with only three episodes left until we break for hiatus again, things appear to be spiralling… out of control? Towards certain doom? Or are we headed for that rainbow and puppy filled season six that we are all so desperately hoping for? I wish I had the answers, but earlier the Internet Gods gave us the extended summary for the season finale “The Untitled Rachel Berry Project”, and I have to admit, I’m more confused than ever!

Mary Halloran – a Hollywood screenwriter who is widely considered a genius – but whom some may politely describe as “quirky” – arrives in New York to tool a script for a potential network television series centered on Rachel’s life. While Rachel is initially quick to bow to Mary’s hip and industry savvy vision for the script, she and the gang are dismayed when all – except Brittany – are confused by what they read, prompting Rachel to try and influence some rewrites that more accurately depict who she is. As Mercedes prepares to launch her nationwide shopping-mall tour to promote her new CD, Sam finds himself on the verge of accomplishing one of his lifelong goals of appearing “almost naked on a city bus.” As the two contemplate spending the next several months apart, friends offer each of them relationship advice, prompting the couple to make a decision about their future. Meanwhile, Blaine continues to work on his showcase with June. While she promises him the event will launch his career in ways he never dreamed of, it will also require him to reveal a lie and break a promise he made to Kurt… something he may not be prepared to do.

Wait… What?

For the last (almost) five full seasons, we have witnessed Rachel Berry claw her way through high school, NYADA and all of her friends to become a Broadway star, now suddenly she is feeling the call of the TV realm? Funny Girl is a gigantic success, she has achieved everything she ever wanted and now she’s going to turn her back on it all for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood? Please… Please don’t let this be happening.

Mercedes finally has an album out, huzzah! After Sam’s declaration of love and his willingness to wait for her to be “ready” to take their relationship to the next level, how will they cope spending several months apart while she’s off touring the nation’s shopping malls? Hopefully their friends can steer them in the right path and reassure them that distance doesn’t have to be a destructive force.

As for Sam, who among us isn’t happy to hear that he might actually get to be “almost naked on a city bus”?

Kurt and Blaine, Blaine and Kurt. Blaine has to reveal a lie and break a promise he made to Kurt if he wants to accept June’s offer of stardom? If there’s one thing about this summary that has me more confused than anything, it’s that statement. What lie? What secret? It’s Blaine! Dapper, honest, sweet, loving, caring Blaine. He doesn’t have secrets and lies… Does he?

What does it all mean? I’ll be the first to admit there’s a feeling in the pit of my stomach that all is not going to be those puppies and rainbows we are hoping for, but I relish the idea of being proven wrong. In fact I welcome it!

Will we be left with a cliffhanger? Will the story be neatly wrapped up with a pretty bow? I’m afraid I only have more questions where I wish I had answers.

Following Ryan Murphy’s announcement of the time jump set for season 6, much speculation has flown around social media about just what we can expect to see next season, even more so since it was revealed that New York won’t be the focus or primary location. Being that he’s Ryan Murphy, he was very tight lipped, but did reveal that in June, co-creator Brad Falchuck would be divulging some much anticipated details.

We can hold out til June, Gleeks. We can do it.

Sarah Goddard