Get Ready To Rocket To Mongo: Fox Secure The Rights To Flash Gordon

Photo: Riverviews
Photo: Riverviews

Look out superhero fans – looks like another favourite could be flashing onto the silver screen, as Twentieth Century Fox have closed a deal for the rights to a Flash Gordon film adaptation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the promising writers behind Star Trek, J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, are on board to adapt a script from a treatment by George Nolfi. Chronicle’s John Davis is set to produce the film after spending over a year obtaining the rights, and working to bring in Payne, McKay and Nolfi.

The Flash Gordon comic book was originally penned by Alex Raymond, and ran from 1934 to 1943. The story has then been subject to many adaptations, the most popular including a 1954 television show, a 1980 film starring Sam J. Jones, and most recently the 2007 live-action series, amongst others.

A separation must obviously be made between Flash Gordon and The Flash, who will be played by Grant Gustin on an upcoming series on the CW. Steve ‘Flash’ Gordon possesses no actual super powers, unlike The Flash, and is instead an ordinary guy forced into extraordinary circumstances as he is kidnapped and taken on a rocket ship to the planet Mongo. He then acts as something of an ambassador of Earth as he battles against the evil ruler of Mongo, Ming.

Following the recent box office sensations from The Dark Knight trilogy and The Avengers, embarking on a superhero franchise looks to be the way to go! A Flash Gordon movie has been a long time coming, with rights having been previously set up at Universal, Mandalay and Sony. Fingers crossed for the success of Matt Reilly and his team at Fox!