Emily Starts a “Revolution” This Week on ‘Revenge’

Courtesy of RevengeWiki

This week, more than ever before, Emily is out for blood. With Aiden by her side, there is no more time to procrastinate. The top of the Revengenda? Obviously, take down the Grayson’s once and for all.

‘Revolution’ really concentrates on Emily and Aiden as they work fast to make a plan, all while Victoria and Pascal work towards their own plans of their own – their pending nuptials. Turns out, the two are getting married. It figures everything would go well for Pascal, who at this time has finally reached a good place with Margaux. There is something seriously wrong when the villain, and frankly most disliked character on the show, is the one with the best luck.

This is why it brings a smile to our faces when Conrad approaches both Pascal and Victoria about the upcoming event separately. Conrad seems to have the same hunch that we do, that Pascal has less than pure intentions. He does love Victoria, we are pretty sure, but he has a lot of demons and secrets that he doesn’t want Victoria knowing.

Emily wants to get to the bottom of those secrets, which leads her to what may just be the most genius plan of the series. Aiden kidnaps Pascal to turn him in to a homeland security agent – Emily. So now, Pascal knows that Emily isn’t who she says she is, but he does not know her true identity.

Sneaking. Cunning. Brilliant. Emily Thorne is back and ready to play.

Under the guise of being a homeland security agent hellbent on getting to the bottom of the bombing of the flight that was pinned on David Clarke, Emily gets Pascal to wear a wire tap, in attempt to have Victoria and Conrad confess about their actions on tape.

The unlikely confessions are set to take place at the launch of Javier’s new social media app which ends up flopping because (surprise) it wasn’t ready yet. It’s not like Nolan warned him or anything…

Anyways, after we see Javier fail miserably, we see Emily’s plan also go seriously wrong. Things are never that easy in the Hampton’s, so this comes as little shock. What does come as a huge shock is when Conrad pushes Pascal into the propellors of his helicopter.

Conrad learned from Daniel that Pascal had been in contact with homeland security (Emily) so he took it upon himself to tie the loose end. No one has figured out what him and Victoria did way back when, and he’s not going to let that change now. As much as we are devastated for Victoria, who has finally found love again, and even more devastated for Margaux for losing her father who just recently started acting like a father, we can’t help but be a little happy. Pascal was a constant source of anxiety.  The only downside is that he was a major pawn for Emily. For some reason, his death could work out for Emily. She could use Victoria’s grief in her favour- Emily knows no bounds after all.

Charlotte, who spent the episode trying to understand a letter written either on behalf of or from her father David Clarke is kidnapped in the last minutes of the episode. This is a lot to take immediately following a major death. What is especially hard to take in is, is David Clarke alive?



Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues