“Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring”: New Movie of Classic Comedy “Dad’s Army” Is Announced

Photo: BBC
Photo: BBC

“Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler?”  As a child who grew up watching the great BBC comedies, that opening line from the theme of Dad’s Army brings back memories of Sunday evenings in front of the TV with my grandpa.  The classic comedy written by the duo Jimmy Perry and David Croft, tells the story of Walmington-On-Sea’s Home Guard during World War II. The classic comedy ran from 1968 – 1971, however is still a staple in the catalogue of classic reruns on BBC.

In the latest instalment of “They’re remaking what?”, it has been announced that a new feature film version of Dad’s Army is on the way.  Avengers star Toby Jones will be playing Captain Mainwaring, the role made famous by Arthur Lowe, with Bill Nighy playing Sergeant Wilson, played in the original show by the brilliant John Le Mesurier.


Photo: BBC
Photo: BBC


According to The Daily Telegraph, the show creator Jimmy Perry, who is now 90, agreed for the big screen remake to go ahead on the proviso that he had no hand in the project.

“Up to now I haven’t taken it too seriously because when I signed the contract to release the film rights, one provision was that I didn’t have to write anything, I didn’t have to do anything. I believe in letting people get on with it”.

The movie which is being produced by Damien Jones, who produced hit movies such as The History Boys and The Iron Lady has said that he hopes his new project will build on the “universal appeal” of the original show.

There are no further casting announcements at present, however I just can’t think of anyone who could fill the shoes of the brilliant Clive Dunn, who played the doddery Corporal Jones whose catchphrase “Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring” was one of the show’s memorable moments. I just hope that this remake is a success and doesn’t lead fans of the show to cry “you stupid boy.”

I will leave you with my favourite scene from the show.


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