Captain America To Battle It Out With Superman v Batman At The Box Office

Image: Marvel
Image: Marvel


After much rumour and speculation, Marvel has confirmed that the third movie in the Captain America franchise will debut on May 6, 2016- putting it in direct competition with Warner Bros’ Batman v Superman movie, scheduled for release at exactly the same time.

Marvel committed to their release date way back in June 2013, then in January of this year, Warner Bros’ announced it was delaying production on their Man of Steel follow up, pushing it from their original release date of July 2015 to the May 2016 slot instead.

With both sides refusing to change their plans, it looks as though it will be a battle of the super-heroes at the box office which we can’t wait for. Any predictions for who will emerge triumphant?

Captain America: The Winter Solider opened at the weekend to record April box-office takings, earning $96.2 million in the US, taking its worldwide earnings to over $300 million.