Ben Miller’s Villainous Role In “Doctor Who” Is Announced

Photo: Rex Features / Jonathan Hordle
Photo: Rex Features / Jonathan Hordle

We reported last week that Da Vinci’s Demons star Tom Riley is set to make an appearance in the upcoming eighth season of hit show Doctor Who.

It has now been announced that British comedian Ben Miller will be joining Riley in this episode. Miller, has been cast of the villain of the episode, which is being written by Sherlock and Doctor Who stalwart Mark Gatiss.

At this point no official announcement has been made as to who Miller will be playing, however as Riley is set to star as Robin Hood, the rumour that Miller is taking on the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham is not totally unbelievable. Filming for the episodes has been taking place in and around Cardiff and Newport for a number of weeks, and as much of the filming is done in the open we will continue to get little tidbits of information from bystanders.

In other casting news for this episode, it appears that Ian Hallard will be playing Alan-A-Dale, one of Robin’s trusted merry men, and it appears that the episode title could very well be “Robots of Sherwood.” Now, again there has been no official announcement for this casting, however, as Mr Hallard is also the civil partner of Gatiss himself maybe this isn’t so far off the truth either.

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