Battles: Round Two Closes Out With Blake Shelton FINALLY Making A Steal

Gif courtesy of NBC The Voice Tumblr
Gif courtesy of NBC The Voice Tumblr

Welcome folks to the final night of the Battles: Round Two!

The scheduling for this Voice season seems a bit weird, right? I think (and possibly poor Kristen Merlin) would have preferred two hour, two night blocks instead of this insanity. Again that’s just me.

So we got a lot of acts going up tonight as our coaches complete their playoff team. Blake still has a Steal. Adam still looks like he works at Lady Footlocker. Usher still has that silly hat, which oddly doesn’t detract from his hotness. Shakira is just a bundle of sunshine and rainbows.

Let us prepare to watch our singers go into glorious battle!

“F**kin’ Perfect” Clarissa Serna versus Dani Moz: Shakira is pairing her powerhouse vocal singers. Clarissa is told she needs to dial it back a bit. Dani needs to watch the “pocket.” Clarissa picked the song because she wanted to support her girls in their after school program. Shakira said that they were projecting with a bit too much anxiety. Chris wanted to see a triumphant performance with each one. Dani is inspired by seeing her twin brother to win. Oh wow. They both kind suck at this song. They really don’t sound that great. I mean is that me? Wow. I hated both. Adam said they both have improved majorly. He could tell they got shaky with the song in the beginning. They need to suppress their nerves better. Blake is impressed by both of them but gives it to Dani. Usher thinks that they have incredible talent and were better when they played off each other. He also gives it to Dani. Shakira is proud of both of them. The winner is DANI MOZ!

“Suddenly I See” sung by Dawn and Hawkes versus Kat Perkins: Adam thinks that Kat has the necessary power to compete with the duo. Adam wants to let Dawn and Hawkes do their thing here. I love Dawn and Hawkes so much! Adam thinks that they are all so special. Kat had a minor fangirl moment over Chris Martin. Adam tells Kat that she doesn’t need the extra attitude and needs to simplify. Chris thinks that Dawn and Hawkes needs to reconnect with each other and show how they sing with each other. They decide to do a stripped version. Dawn and Hawkes are totally vibing instantly and I’m charmed. Kat sounds great and has held back on her power. I just think that Dawn and Hawkes vibe with and do the song a lot better. Blake said that Dawn and Hawkes were back up to Kat. He votes Kat. Usher said that Dawn and Hawkes needed to take command of the stage with more. He said that Kat had difficulties moments. He votes Kat. Shakira said that Dawn and Hawkes sound like one. Yet Kat engaged her from the beginning. Adam thought that Dawn and Hawkes did a fantastic job. He thinks that Kat is one of the more underrated singers of the competition. Adam believes that he hasn’t seen anyone in their element yet. The winner is KAT PERKINS!

“Girl On Fire” sung by Music Box versus Melissa Jimenez: I still can’t believe we’re calling a grown woman Music Box. I still don’t get Melissa. So…yeah. This is a battle where I sigh and wait for Melissa to win. Chris tells Melissa that she needs to make it a bit more natural. She needs to be herself here and mean it. They both need to inhabit the lyrics more here. Usher said that they need to be individuals. What the hell do they have you in ladies? No. Seriously. Melissa stop with the shoulders pads. Stop. Okay. I liked Naya Rivera’s cover of this much better. They’re not putting the requisite passion in this song. You got to own it. It’s underwhelming and they don’t mesh well. Shakira sticks loyally to Music Box. Adam said that they should have done more with it. He goes with Melissa. Blake said that Music Box erupts and Melissa glides through it. He goes with Music Box. The winner is MELISSA JIMENEZ!

“Easy” sung by Kaleigh Glanton versus Ryan Whyte Maloney: Blake thinks that their song is perfect for their range and for themselves. They need to do some better harmonies. Chris has them doing exercises to strengthen it. Blake tells Kaleigh to watch her falsetto. He said that Ryan needs to not be drown out. Chris said that they both need to connect with the emotion of the song. The issue is that they both sound great. Ryan has a good little bit of country in his voice. Kaleigh sounds as amazing as always. I would say that maybe Kaleigh is putting a bit more emotion into it. She sounds like she is in pain. They both sound really, really good though. I think if Blake went either way I’ll be happy. Usher asked them why they choose the record. He loved that they both wanted to challenge themselves and supported each other. He loved Ryan’s lower register and could hear Kaleigh’s nerves here. He gives it to Ryan by a hair. Shakira thought they both did great. She though Kaleigh was great in the upper register and loved Ryan’s delivery. She goes with Ryan. Adam said that with Kaleigh he’s seen nothing but improvement but Ryan has that special something. Blake said that they are powerful and rangey. He respects their choice of song. The winner is RYAN WHYTE MALONEY!

“Climax” sung by Jake Barker versus Brittnee Camelle: The Battle Of The Team Usher Steals is the title here. He tells Brittnee that she needs to pull it back. Jake needs to focus on making it tasteful. They waffle between “Climax” and “Beautiful Soul.” Jake freaks out at how unreal his life is right now. Adam is thrilled that they choose “Climax.” They wanted to take the risk together. Adam loves how sexy and innovative the song is. He tells them not over worry about Jake’s falsetto. Chris tells him to not go right away. Adam tells Brittnee that she was flat and to get ready for it. Chris thinks that they both need to inhabit the sensual song. God this an underwhelming night. I hate Jake’s falsetto. I like Brittnee here. She sounds good and puts in that necessary sexual energy. Blake is impressed by Jake’s falsetto for some reason. Usher feels bad analyzing a person of his song by his former team members. He said that he did his song better, then proves it! He said that he believes that it’s unfair to give either the edge and thought it was a great performance. Shakira thinks that Brittnee’s voice cuts through but really liked Jake’s voice. The winner is JAKE BARKER! I don’t understand why people like this guy!

“I’ll Stand By You” sung by Madilyn Paige versus Bria Kelly: Oh. This song is going to be hard because I am a huge fan of Cory Monteith’s version. So this is going to make me sad a lot. Usher pairs up them because he thinks they will fuel each other. Madilyn is tender, while Bria explodes. Bria is impressed by Madilyn’s control. Usher said that Madilyn needs to fully commit. Usher thinks Bria needs to go out of her comfort zone. Usher has them shaking themselves out and doing breathing techniques to relax. Madilyn is still intimidated during rehearsal. Chris tells Madilyn that it’s okay to be shy but she needs to focus on someone in order to sing. Usher tells Bria that she needs to be more than a big voice. Bria and Madilyn are great in different ways. Madilyn has that nice clean voice. Bria has that husky voice of restrained power. I kind of want to give Madilyn a hug. She looks a bit terrified. I think Bria is going to win and Madilyn will get stolen. Adam was left desiring more and wanted to be sucked in by it. Blake agrees with Adam but thinks the girls needed to stand out more. Usher said that they both seemed to have learned a lot in regards to confidence for Madilyn and control for Bria. The winner is BRIA KELLY! Alright. Last battle of the night so that means…STEAL: BLAKE SHELTON STEALS MADILYN PAIGE!

A new round is added called the Playoffs. They need to do this to FINALLY get to the Lives. So are they Playoffs replacing the Knockouts? Can someone sing a song that they pick on their own?


Bec Heim