4YE VidFunZone Presents Jaguar’s The Art Of Villainy By Tom Hiddleston

Image: Jaguar
Image: Jaguar

It’s so good to be bad and no one explains it best like Tom Hiddleston, the British thespian best known for portraying Marvel fan favorite villain Loki from the Thor franchise.

In the latest ad for Jaguar’s #GoodToBeBad campaign, the actor, while riding around in F-TYPE Coupe, shares why he believes Brits play the best villains, an explanation that Hiddleston delivers quite well looking rather debonair with an air of sophistication about him.

Check out the video below!

The video has already produced a number of amazing memes and gifs (just troll Tumblr for a bit). Can’t wait to see what else Jaguar brings out for this campaign. They have given us both Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch for their ads so far. It really is #GoodToBeBad!


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