Wonderland Asks Us “To Catch a Thief”

Photo courtesy of ABC
Photo courtesy of ABC

Previously on Wonderland, my heart was ripped out when Anastasia was brutally stabbed by Jafar right in front of a helpless Will. Tonight’s follow up may have hit viewers right in the feels again as the body count rose once more. Before that happens though, we get a great bit of background for Alice and Will’s relationship and Jafar comes face to face with an old friend. Prepare yourselves as we go out “To Catch a Thief.”

What you need to know:

Partners in crime: “Some time ago,” Will is marching along with the Queen of Hearts’ soldiers on the hunt for a deadly creature, which turns out to be Alice. The two have a perfect meet-cute, complete with witty, sarcastic banter that poor, sweet Cyrus just can’t match. Alice disarms the Knave and later catches him in a rope trap. During Meet-Cute Round 2 she learns Will is the Queen’s slave thanks to his missing heart. In an act of kindness, Alice offers to steal his heart for him. She sneaks into the Queen’s storage chamber, where her heart collection is awesomely catalogued like a deck of hearts. Will’s is under JH for Knave (or Jack) of Hearts. Upon returning to the still ensnared Knave, Alice decides to hang on to his heart so he’ll help her find proof of Wonderland to take back to her father. She soon changes her mind about this and Will, his heart in tow, agrees to help anyway. They nab the White Rabbit as Alice’s proof and now we see where Alice was right before she met Cyrus in the pilot episode.

The things we do for love: While pondering over how to transform his mother from a staff into a person, Cyrus and Alice are reunited with Will. He reveals the heartbreaking news of Anastasia’s death and that he’s joined forces with Jafar to bring his ladylove back to life. As much as Alice wants to help her friend, she and Cyrus can’t bring themselves to assist evil, evil Jafar. Will seems to come to his senses and joins the lovers on their quest to release Amara from the staff only to steal the staff once they fall asleep. He even silences a protesting Cyrus with a punch in the face. Thankfully, the pair can use the magic compass to track the Knave and easily find him. He proves he’s still clever though by trapping and disarming Alice. Just as he’s going to dart off, Alice falls into a rushing stream. Not one to abandon a friend, even if he has just held a knife to their throat, Will rescues her.

Magical world problems: Jafar is starting to panic because a) he needs the help of another sorcerer to complete the spell and b) his staff is in the hands of Cyrus. Following a hunch about why the staff wouldn’t attack Cyrus, Jafar questions the other genies (Cyrus’ brothers) but they deny knowledge of Amara. The Jabberwocky is also feeling a bit concerned. She’s starting to wonder if Jafar will ever give her the freedom she was promised for helping him. Her solution is to approach Cyrus, Alice and Will for help getting rid of Jafar forever. Even though she can’t meet their terms (bringing back Anastasia), Ms. Wocky does prove helpful by saying Amara can help.

Family matters: Jabber brings Cyrus to Jafar in the hopes of swapping for the Vorpal Blade. She corroborates Cyrus’ story that Alice and Will have run off with the staff when in reality they’ve broken into the dungeons to get Jafar’s father to help them. The sorcerer recalls genie-Will to force choke the location of his staff out of him. It’s an easy answer, since a flesh and blood Amara is right behind him! The old foes/lovers (still ew, by the way) circle each other for a Force battle while Cyrus wriggles out of his bonds to grab his brothers’ bottles. Just in time Jafar figures out the family connection in the room and sends a shard of glass into Cyrus’ chest. With her son dying rather quickly, Amara agrees to help Jafar perform his magic-rule-breaking spell. Alice arrives in time to see the magical lightning show in action and to caress dead Cyrus’ face.

Rabbit Trails

Jafar, summing up the theme for both Wonderland and Once Upon a Time: “Love makes us do the maddest things, doesn’t it?”

Anastasia looks very cleaned up and pretty in her glass coffin. How nice of Jafar to have her primped after he killed her.

Interesting random tidbit: The Jabberwocky reveals each person’s fears smell differently. Jafar’s smell of pine needles in the snow.

Sure, Cyrus must be pissed Jafar imprisoned his mother in a staff all these years but boy is he going to be even more disturbed to learn prior to that, his mom and Jafar were bed buddies. Seriously, ewww on that forever!

We get just a smidge more background on Will pre-Anastasia. He had a younger sister named Penelope whom he loved dearly and who died when she fell through a patch of ice. Sad!

In a line clearly meant to fuel the Alice/Knave shippers, Will says, “I don’t know how to lose you either, Alice. Give a man the proper motivation you don’t know what he’d be willing to do.” Hasn’t this ship already capsized?

Will provides us with this spot-on criticism: “You know what your problem is Alice? You think your love story is the only one worth fighting for!” So true! Now if only someone would tell Charming and Snow this on Once Upon a Time

Next week, the dead come back to life and Anastasia looks to have reverted to her Red Queen persona. Also, Amara switches back to Team Good but it may be too late since Jafar has an army ready to conquer all of Wonderland.

Stephanie Coats