Wired Wednesday: Sims 4 Releases This Year, But We’re Still Hooked On Sims 3

Photo courtesy of EA
Photo courtesy of EA

Sims 4 is releasing later this year, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be burying the hatchet for Sims 3 anytime soon.

I’ve been playing Sims 3 again, more frequently than I’d like to admit, and I’m sure many Sims players can relate; we just can’t simply make a character and call it quits. And as a Sims lover, it’s only normal I get on Google and search for the latest custom content for my game. And that was when I realized: Wow this community is still as active as ever.

Enthusiasts and players are still creating mods and content and sharing them online with people. Some of the websites I’ve been browsing mods on are The Sims Resource and ModTheSims. The stuff is absolutely great. People are so incredible with their creative content, and the community is always so positive. Someone will always lend a hand when it comes to helping people with issues such as technical difficulties, glitches, and even just advice.

I’m pretty sure Electronic Arts thinks so too, as they have offered continuous support for Sims 3 once Sims 4 launches.

Even through observation, and as someone who has played Sims, Sims 2, and Sims 3, these games take a long time to die off. There’s no questioning or doubt that Sims 3 will still be actively played for the next year or two alongside with the upcoming new version. And come on, you get to create anyone you want, create your dream house, work in your dream job, and create the perfect life, what’s not to be addicted to?

Photo courtesy of EA
Photo courtesy of EA

It might not help either (or it helps a lot) that EA released so many expansion packs for the Sims 3, some of the really popular ones being World Adventures, which allows you to travel to other world like China, France, and Egypt, Katy Perry Sweet Treats (the reason is needless to say), and Island Paradise, bringing a new glory of tropical paradise of mobility and fun.

Honestly, I could play Sims 3 for another year and be happy, especially with the continuous release of expansion packs, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to what EA will bring for Sims 4!

Are we ready though? If you’ve been following along with EA, you’ll know that they are integrating artificial intelligence within the game. It sounds pretty crazy, right? It will no longer be about creating moments, but rather your choices will affect and shape your Sim’s entire story in the game. So your Sim’s fate is in your hands…as if we weren’t playing the “God” role enough in the previous versions.

There has been a discussion for awhile among Sims players of implementing an online version (similarly to Second Life) where players can interact with one another in a great big world. Whether this will be integrated into Sims 4 or not is unknown. An online Sims game is to die for though, and if EA ever releases one I might be so hooked that I’ll die playing it.

Sims 4 is aiming to release sometime in September of this year, but we’ll be sure to update you once we know!