Will Team Blake Catch Up On Night Four Of The Blind Auditions?

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Alright folks! It’s night four of the Blind Auditions.

Can I say that I’m feeling really bad for poor Blake Shelton? The man has been getting no love this past couple of rounds. Like seriously, he needs a hug and a major one.

Well okay, what he needs are some damn singers on his team.

So let’s break down the team numbers before we get this thing started.

Usher has seven artists on his team.

Adam has seven artists on his team.

Shakira has six artists on her team.

Blake has four artists on his team.

Seriously. People you gotta start picking the poor guy!

I seriously have a thing for Usher’s hat.

“Just Like A Pill” sung by Megan Ruger: I love her hair. She moved to Nashville and is definitely different on the usual scene. She sings country but at heart she’s a rocker. I love her hair and all her earrings. When she was ten she found about that her Dad wasn’t her biological father but he is her father in the way that it matters. Her Dad is really supportive. She wants her parents to see her succeed for a change. Hey! Pink is an awesome choice. She has an awesome voice that is smoky and deep. Oh no don’t go nasal. I don’t like her nasal. When she gets out of that she sounds so much better. I’m also fascinated by her pants, which are cool. Blake and Usher turn for her at the last moment. The moment she said she lived in Nashville, Blake perks right up. Blake liked her power and her new levels in her song. Adam says to let the ding-dongs fight over her. Usher wants to help bring out the best of her and overcome her shortfalls. Blake loves 80’s rock and Adam vouches for him. OHMYGOD THEY ARE PLAY WAYNE CHUNG! Which means she went with fan on TEAM BLAKE!

“Collide” sung by Morgan Wallen: He’s a landscaper from Knoxville. His mom got him singing at an early age. He was offered a record contract as a child, but he turned it down. He was trying to go for baseball with a scholarship when he tore a muscle in his arm. The scholarship offers dried up. It’s really sweet to see his Mom and Grandma are supporting him. Does Knoxville count as a small town? Oh! That rasp. I love that raspy and growly voice. It’s actually surprisingly perfect for this kind of song. I haven’t heard this song in years. But he’s also a little bit too heavy on the rasp. He can’t over rely on it but I think Shakira can work with though. Damn! Now Usher is in the fray. He really does have an excellent rasp but it does need work. Shakira and Usher hold hands and are adorable. They are having a love fest. Adam goes to sit on Blake’s lap because he feels excluded. Shakira loved the raspy reedy tone to it. Usher loves how unique it is too and thinks Morgan’s voice is very manly. Usher felt like he needs to work on his voice too because there are some not as great moments in the performance. Morgan makes the choice to go to TEAM USHER!


“Let’s Get It On” sung by James Cavern: His parents escaped to England after the end of the Vietnam world. They moved to the States at fourteen. His parents weren’t exactly happy for him making the choice to make music. He lives happily after quitting a sales job that made money but not a lot of joy. There is something not right in his voice. He sounds like he has a couple of technical issues. He does have better control of his rasp. It’s just…yeah. It was good but not amazingly good. Adam said that his song choice wasn’t really right. Usher said that he had a hard time living up to the expectations that the song choice and that he should come back. NO TEAM

Now it’s time for a montage of those who did get on.

Dani Moz and Music Box go to Team Shakira!

Lexi Luca goes to Team Blake!

“Wicked Game” sung by Emily B.: Her career started taking off after she graduated college. She got a job session singing, which is singing off camera for TV, film, and music. Two weeks before her wedding, they found an abnormal growth on her right retina. She needed to have surgery. She had two brain surgeries after her honeymoon. Her husband is a big teddy bear. She wants to use the show to be a soloist. Her son is adorable! Wow. She has a really husky voice that is incredibly well controlled. It’s very clear and has a good range. I can hear one or two minor technical issues, but it could be stylistic choices on her part. Shakira turns around first followed by Blake and Usher. Adam thought that last note was a killer. Usher said that he waited for a moment before hitting because he wanted to live in the moment. He wants to create her individuality. Blake loved her falsetto. Shakira and Usher fight over how much they know about Soul. While Blake says he has a soul. Shakira thinks they can help each other a lot so they can be the best they can be together. Emily’s heart tells her to go with TEAM SHAKIRA!

“There Goes My Baby” sung by Stevie Jo: Oh Stevie Jo. His parents were in heavy metal bands?! That’s kind of awesome. His parents are both adorably supportive of him. He was in a metal band in high school. Stevie has gravitated more to R&B. His parents were supportive. His sisters made fun of his voice growing up. He got a scholarship from theatre in high school for college. OhmyGod his mom! WOW! He has a really good and steady voice. He has excellent breath control, not sure about the falsetto. Usher hits his button first and his Mom loses her damn mind. Blake is shocked. Adam announces: “It’s a white maaaaan!” Then tells Stevie that he was surprised he was a white guy and Stevie is adorably “Who knew?” Adam loves him. Usher thought he was black too and is thrilled he got a Texan out of it. Adam said that Stevie sounds like Usher and looks like Blake. Shakira loved his flasettos and Usher loved the maneuvering. His mom is more excited then he is. Stevie Jo goes to TEAM USHER!

Now we got people who failed to get on the show.

“Angel From Montgomery” sung by Audra McLaughlin: Hey! A Philly girl! Rock on. Growing up, she had a hard time due to her learning disability. She was never that great with school and was put in special classes. She got bullied because of that. Her parents have always been really supportive. Right now, she is studying to be a medical assistant and is getting a high GPA. She thinks this is the biggest opportunity ever. I haven’t heard of the song she’s singing. She has a wonderful rich voice. Adam hits his button immediately. Her voice is very grand and big. Blake hits his button next. Shakira follows just as Audra hits that giant note. Usher is convinced by that big note as well and hits his button. Adam refuses to be interrupted and calls Audra beautiful. Usher loves her amazing, immaculate voice. Shakira loves the rasp, sweetness, and power. Adam is thrilled that she is not wearing cowboy boots. Blake mentions his wife and loves the song. He heard Miranda sing it and was comparing Audra to the standard of his wife’s version. Audra goes with TEAM BLAKE!

See you next Monday as the Coaches start filling in the final slots for their teams!

Bec Heim