Who Makes “The Divine Move” On The Teen Wolf Season Finale?

Photo courtesy of MTV
Photo courtesy of MTV


I’ve sat here for the past half hour staring at a blank screen trying to process what the hell just happened. In the 3B finale we learned what it takes to be part of Scott’s pack, how to redeem yourself, and meet our villains for season 4!
What you need to know

1) Everyone is pretty shaken after Allison’s death. Argent councils them all on what to say to the police. He has the ability to compartmentalize his emotions but it’s really not enough this time. Surprisingly he and Isaac become a great comfort to each other. It’s Isaac who picks up on the fact that Allison figured out how to kill the Oni. Silver. But not a bullet, an arrow. The silver has to stay embedded in the Oni to destroy them, not just pass through it.

2) Stiles is dying and they are running out of time. Noshiko offers a piece of advice. They need a divine move to save everyone and they better act fast because time is becoming the enemy too.

3) Scott and Lydia seek Deaton’s advice on how to catch the nogitsune and Lydia remembers the box used to keep Talia Hale’s claws. Made from the wood of the Nemeton it just may be able to recapture the trickster spirit.

4) The Oni storm the hospital, police station, and animal clinic infecting everyone who means something to Stiles with their blade. The point is not for them to die quick but slowly and painfully feeding the nogitsune in the process.

5) Scott, Lydia, Stiles and Kira head to the school in search of nogitStiles instead they end up in a wintery Japanese garden with the nogitsune. He informs them they are limbo between life and death and that in order for everyone he loves to live Scott must kill Stiles. After a battle erupts Stiles realizes this is all an illusion and urges them to stop fighting.

6) Derek has a pep talk with the twins and lets them know that to be a part of Scott’s pack they can’t run. They have to keep fighting even when it looks like all hope is lost. Scott McCall with do anything to help his friends and so they should too. They grab the box and go to meet NogitStiles. It seems they might not be strong enough for the Oni, but fortunately Isaac and Argent show up with the silver tipped arrows and begin taking Oni out left and right. When one of the arrows breaks Aiden rushes over and stabs the Oni in the chest and the Oni gets him as well. Ethan rushes to his side and Isaac rushed to grab the box and meet the others inside.

7) NogitStiles realizes that he’s been played and is one angry spirit. Unfortunately for him it’s a trap. See NogitStiles forgot that he can be destroyed by being changed. With that Scott bites him while Kira stabs him with the sword. The fly emerges and Isaac arrives right in the nick of time to trap it.

It’s over. Stiles faints but comes to and all those infected by the Oni’s blade begin to heal. Everyone but Aiden that is. RIP Aiden. In your last moments you redeemed yourself and died with the honor and grace of a good guy.

Everyone tries to adjust to life without Allison and Aiden. Ethan can no longer stick around Beacon Hills and he says goodbye to Danny. It really was such a tender and intimate moment and I’d like to applaud Teen Wolf for these Ethan/Danny moments we get. Besides Danny wasn’t sure he could really date a werewolf anyway.

Malia is now enrolled in Beacon Hills as well as enrolled in how to be a werewolf 101 with professor McCall. It looks like we’ll be getting some more Stiles/Malia action in season 4!

Memorable Quotes

“You don’t fight for a leader, leaders fight for a cause,” Derek Hale during his impassioned we love Scott McCall speech.

“Are you familiar with the term ‘regression to the mean’,” Deaton explaining to Scott the cruel ways in which the world works.

“Dude, it’s Beacon Hills” when Danny informs Ethan he knew he was a werewolf all along.

The Set Up for Season 4

The last five minutes we were treated to Derek confiding in Stiles about a dream he had about hunters breaking into his apartment looking for the She Wolf… He thinks they mean Cora and refuses to give up her location (for a hot second I thought it was Malia they were looking for). A smoke bomb is dropped and fight erupts.

Derek explains that he can’t seems to get out of the fog and he feels like he can’t wake up. What if he’s still dreaming? Stiles holds out his hand and asks him to count his fingers… There are extra. He was dreaming. Derek comes too and he had just taken a bullet to the chest.

“You are real.”

“That’s right Derek, and if you’re surprised to see me, watch this.” Kate Argent says as she morphs into a blue Tiger/Wolf hybrid.

One Argent dies, and one Argent returns. Is it a fair trade off? I’m still out on that one. Like I said I’m still digesting this all and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this season so hit me up on twitter @cjs05. Thanks for watching with me and see you all in June!