Which “New New York”-ers Will Have “The Best Day Of My Life” On Glee?

Photo courtesy of GleeForum
Photo courtesy of GleeForum

Ah New York City, center of the universe in the Glee-verse, where everyone has the perfect day and, for the most part, all their dreams come true.

Maybe that’s a little cynical. Still you have to admit that it’s something that happens rather often.

“New New York” is an episode that will begin to shatter that illusion and bring a slightly more adult, grown-up show into the mix. Let’s not, however, discuss that now.

Blam, ladies and gentleman, is back!

I have double-checked this but the popular duo known as Blam (Blaine and Sam) has only had one duet this season in “Movin’ Out.”

Crazy, right? With the pair in New York, we’re going to get more bromantic moments!

Blam is back and ready to greet New York with a cover of American Authors “Best Day Of My Life.”

This spoiler was let out of the bag now since Glee has been doing a lot of filming in NYC lately. All I know is that it takes place in Times Square, which is admittedly super cool.

This song spoiler is getting me pumped for “New New York,” the first all New York episode in the series due to the New Directions disbandment taking out the Lima side.

Anyone else excited for the return of Blam?

Bec Heim