What To Wear: Statement Necklaces, Metallic and Monochrome

Photo: Hello Magazine
Photo: Hello Magazine

The girls at 4YE already did an amazing piece on the Oscars fashion, but for this weeks ‘What To Wear’, I’m going to try and show you how to incorporate the Hollywood trends into your everyday life and wardrobe!

We were told months ago that monochrome patterns and metallics were going to be huge in 2014 and that’s exactly what we saw at the Oscars. It was hard not to notice how many gorgeous black & white dresses there were. There were also many silvery metallic dresses. Anyone who worked a different color pretty much stuck to the one shade throughout. Because of the simplicity of the colors, it is incredibly easy to work this into your style. We have also seen a lot of suits for women that split the power of black & white. Some have entirely white trousers with black blazers or interesting monochrome patterns throughout.

Accessorizing hasn’t been the top priority this season, but statement necklaces have been! If you look back through the photos of the Oscars red carpet, you will notice how many of the gorgeous actresses sported huge, blingy necklaces. We’re talking jewels almost stretching down to the breasts. Rhinestones are very in this season in all shapes and forms. Our past article on Stevie Boi’s designer shades collection saw a lot of rhinestone being used and the story continues here. There really seems to be nothing huge happening for wrist accessories or rings, it’s all about necklaces in 2014. I also have a feeling Arabic-themed jewels and necklaces will creep into the picture at some stage in the next few weeks.

Finally, let’s talk metal! Metallic has always been associated with futuristic styles and themes and now we can use it for so much more. The beauties at the Oscars and in very recent  fashion shows (Karl Lagerfeld at the Chanel fashion show) all seem to be working with very heavy monochrome pieces decked out with metallic flares. Some are even giving an entire dress the metallic look with very simple make-up. The easiest way to achieve this blend of black, white and metal is to firstly find a great black & white outfit you love and that makes you feel good. Then, I recommend introducing the metallic features using large earrings or headpieces or even silver nail-polish to keep it simple but still pay attention to trends.

Obviously, there are just as many people that might feel slightly claustrophobic in just black & white or maybe they like to be a bit more adventurous and go against the crowd. Luckily, we have the wonderful Lupita Nyong’o to look up to! She dazzled everyone at the Oscars with an absolutely STUNNING blue dress with a metallic headband. She kept it very simple and still arguably stole the show. If you want to work with a certain color, try and keep everything else simple and effortless. Even Lady Gaga followed this structure on the night. She sported a creamy dress with a beautiful metallic pattern running down it and a soft, pinky-purple scarf that flowed down to her hands. That was it. Nothing else.

The fashion at the Oscars really uplifted the mood and atmosphere of the entire night. With Ellen hosting as well (who also rocked a white suit), everyone seemed to be in a very noticeable relaxed and happy mood. I think the simplicity and non-drama of the red carpet attributed to this. Maybe we can let the pressure go this year in fashion and take a more comfortable approach to our appearance. That’s something fashion should have been built on as a foundation, comfort and individuality. Simplicity and effectiveness. As a result, this should be very easy for you to take on as well. Please send us snaps of what you came up with or what cool new pieces you’ve added to your wardrobe!

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