What To Listen To: ‘Wanderlust’ by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Photo courtesy of Google Images
Photo courtesy of Google Images

You may have seen her star in the recent series of Strictly Come Dancing, but true Sophie Ellis Bexter fans know her true talents lie in music and that’s exactly what she aims to prove with her brand new album, Wanderlust. This 11-track LP is a a truly beautiful listen that has the potential to appeal to a huge audience. Her love for songwriting and singing is so evident in these songs. She mentioned that towards the end of her experience on Strictly Come Dancing, she was ready to get back to music.

Sophie has certainly ditched the disco-orientated music she became famous for and has embraced an entirely new direction and style that will surprise many music lovers. The first few tracks have anything from classical rock to Nordic influences that genuinely caught me off-guard. Of course, she keeps a very delicate pop quality to every song but it’s completely innocent and well-fitted. Sophie’s voice is so tender but still sticks to her signature style. Although it lacks range, you really shouldn’t expect that from an album like this. It’s very lyric-driven and there is obviously a lot of genuine songwriting quality coursing through the entire album.

Sophie also pointed out that she released this album without the aid of a record label. What surprised me is how you can hear how much difference it makes to the music. These songs were not crafted to be played in clubs and repeated endlessly on radio. The melodies aren’t exactly what the general public would call “catchy”. but that’s what kept me listening. You don’t know exactly what to expect with each verse and chorus.

Wanderlust will be a wonderful little addition to any music lover’s collection, especially for the Spring and upcoming Summer months. If you have already heard the album, please let us know what you thought of this little gem! What was your favourite track?

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