We Finally Reach ‘The End Of The Aisle’ In The Penultimate How I Met Your Mother

Photo Courtesy of CBS
Photo Courtesy of CBS

We’re so close I can almost taste it! After last week’s wrapping up the story of every recurring character ever, this episode opens just 32 minutes before the wedding and sees us through to ‘The End Of The Aisle’ – here’s everything you need to know.

Warning – SPOILERS for this week’s episode beyond this point!


Barney’s vows: Barney is struggling to perfect his vows, and Marshall and Lily offer to help him, explaining everything he has so far is selfish and too easy to keep. Barney then proceeds to reveal how Marshall and Lily have actually broken all of their wedding vows already. Life isn’t perfect, so perfect vows are irrelevant and, in a really adorable scene that basically epitomises Marshall and Lily’s relationship, he takes her to the church before it gets busy and they make new, messier vows, which they will continue to update for the rest of their lives.

Robin’s cold feet: Robin is freaking out. She doesn’t want to go through with the wedding and still believes the fact that she never found the locket is a sign she shouldn’t be marrying Barney. She tells Ted she wants to be with a guy who comes through for her and wanted Barney to find the locket, without knowing that Ted has it. Being the awesome person Ted is, he gives Barney the locket to give to Robin. But of course, Robin knows Ted found it and confronts him. She’s really concerned about marrying Barney because lying is second nature to him, and everything is legendary, which means ‘not real’. Robin can’t shake the feeling that she’s made a mistake and should be marrying Ted, the guy who found her locket and stole her the French horn. Ted replies that he doesn’t love her like that anymore and he’s not going to screw up her future with Barney – they may not make sense but Robin loves Barney and Barney loves Robin and that doesn’t need to make sense to make sense, make sense? Since Ted won’t run away with her, Robin decides to run away alone – and runs into The Mother! She tells Robin to close her eyes and take three deep breaths before she makes any decisions, and when she opens her eyes Barney’s there. The Mother has saved the day once more!

I do: Barney makes only one vow to Robin, to always be honest with her because he loves her, and confesses that Ted found the locket. The couple kiss and part ways for final wedding preparations. We rejoin them as the wedding begins AND WE GET THE FINAL SLAP! The slap bet is finally over just as Robin and her father walk down the aisle! The couple are finally married after what has been the longest weekend ever, and it was legendary.

Well that was emotional! Join me next week for the special one-hour finale, which promises one last surprise as we say goodbye! And look out for special farewell pieces this week on 4YE.

Special moments and quotes of the week:

  • Marshall’s vow puns, “Vowza”, “Vowerpoint presentation”, “Vow dare you!” and “in-vow-lentary” were personal favourites
  • “We’re Marshmallow and Lilypad bitch”
  • “And that’s how Robin met your Mother”
  • “Nobody asked you Patrice”