Usher Waits To Use The Last Steal In The Final Night Of The First Round Of Battles On The Voice

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And then, there was one.

Usher has the only steal left in the Battle Rounds. He’s going to be picky about it. Well picky and he’s going to use it in the absolute last battle of the night.


Because we know how these things go that’s why.

So who will be stolen? Who will shine and who will falter?

Let’s find out.

“Give Me Love” sung by Cary Laine versus Sam Behymer: I kind of remember Sam. I remember not digging her voice. Wasn’t Cary the one who played musical chairs in the Blinds? I love this song! Cary is intimidated by Sam’s inflections. Sam is intimidated by Cary’s power. Aloe warns her to not use a lot of gimmicks in her sound. He tells Cary that she needs to watch her pitch. Adam wants Cary to break out of her shell. Wow. These two guys do not sound so good together. Aloe tells Sam not to be so yodel. She pretty much admits that she relies on tricks and gimmicks. Aloe tells Cary that she has a great performance but not a great emotional connection. Wow. This battle sucks on both sides. I don’t like Sam’s voice and Cary seems uncomfortable singing it. Like seriously, this is just kind of hurting my ears and pissing me off. I LOVE this song. Ow. Stop it! OhmyGod there wasn’t a better battle pairing to show it off? We could have montaged this shit. Blake thought that they both did really well (debatable) and captured the spirit of the song. He heard pitch issues from both of them and says it comes down to a matter of taste. Usher said that they both have unique voices and both can do well in the competition. Shakira enjoyed it and thinks they both need work. Adam said that they come from different musical styles and can hear a strikingly similar tone from both of them. He goes with his gut for the moment. The winner is SAM BEHYMER! Poor Blake not having a steal left but Cary should have went with him in the Blinds. I think she would have done a lot better there.

“Everything” sung by Kaleigh Glanton versus Noah Leigh: Oh! It’s the cross fitness chick! I liked her. Oh! I remember Noah too now. He did “Me & Mrs. Jones.” Cross fitness and crooners oh my! Blake wants to see them set their own paths with the song. Blake tells Kaleigh that she needs to get into the groove because her timing is a bit off. In the final rehearsal, Blake tells Noah to dial it back a bit and not go all over the top. The Band Perry girl tells them to look at each other and act like they’re in love. Why are the coaches playing matchmakers this week? They need to focus extra hard on the harmonies. I like Shakira’s shoulder shimmies. Damn they’re both good. There is this fun and flirty vibe for the both of them. Damn. I really like both of them and how into it they are. I hold no envy for Blake because this must be a hard decision. Seriously they both were really good. I enjoyed the hell out of that. Usher felt like Noah’s performance was a bit too “longue” for him and calls Michael Buble sexy. He was impressed by Noah’s upper range. He said that he wanted to hear more of Kaleigh’s upper range, which he felt was lacking. He chooses Noah as the favourite. Adam said that he could tell that Kaleigh wasn’t into it but she has to get used to it. He goes with her due to taste. Blake is thrilled that they took his notes and improved upon the song. He thought that Kaleigh picked her moments well. The winner is KALEIGH GLANTON! 

Ryan Whyte Maloney wins for Team Blake!

Christina Grimmie wins for Team Adam!

Kristen Merlin wins for Team Shakira!

“Brave” sung by Cierra Mickens versus Emily B: Oh Shakira. Don’t put your best singers together like this! Bad move! Shakira tells Emily that she’s having some volume issues. Miranda says they need to find their own way around the melody if they’re having problem with it. Shakira tells Cierra to be more artistic and keep an eye on pitch. Miranda tells him that it’s time to go for guts and glory. In the final rehearsal, Shakira tells Cierra to keep on eye on her embellishments. She also says that Emily sounds like she is screaming and not singing. I like their little fist bump in the beginning! That was so cute! Oh Shakira you made a huge mistake pairing both of them together. They’re so good! Well I suppose it doesn’t matter. It’s the last battle of the night, which means that one of them is getting stolen. They sound awesome but it’s not my favourite cover of the song ever. I think that was the nicest battle ever. Adam commends them both and thought that everything was spot on at the end. He uses the new words of the season “pocket” and says they fell out of it. He goes with Cierra. Blake goes with Emily instead. Usher loved the performance on both of their parts and splits it between the two of them. Shakira loves Cierra voice and Emily’s determination. She heard the same mistakes in their voices. The winner is EMILY B! Alright so come on Usher. Hit that button! STEAL: USHER STEALS CIERRA MICKENS! Usher is such a tease. Just as Cierra is about to leave the stage, he hits the button! Usher said that he was hoping she was going to be available to Steal because he loves her talent.

Come back next week when we have the new SECOND ROUND of the Battles complete with Chris Martin from Coldplay.

Also Usher is wearing some sort of raccoon on his head. For…reasons. Adam also looks like a referee.

Bec Heim