Usher And Adam Become Waldorf And Statler In The Fifth Night Of The Voice Blind Auditions

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The Blind Auditions are winding down, folks!

Blake has finally caught up with the rest of the teams last week. While Adam is letting his pickiness rule his heart. Meanwhile Shakira and Usher continue to be adorable.

I just kind of want a sitcom based on these four coaches to exist where they’re like neighbors or something, and wacky hi-jinks ensues.

Alright let’s see where the coaches stand. It’s about to get insanely picky.

Shakira and Usher have nine members for their teams.

Adam and Blake have seven members for their teams.

With that, let’s dive in to The Voice!

“Gold Dust Woman” sung by Kat Perkins: She’s from Scranton, North Dakota. Which amuses me because I’m from Scranton, PA. She got a job as a yodeling cowgirl and was tried of country. She went into rock music and opened for Bon Jovi. She divorced her husband, the drummer, and then, a few years later, the band split up. She went into nannying and adores the kids she takes care of. They are adorable but no teach them better movie then “What Does The Fox Say?” It’s time to show the world what she can do. She has a nice rhythm in her voice. It’s very down to earth and a bit pure. Adam and Shakira turn around first. Followed by Usher. That was a very nice voice. Usher talked about her style and how her looooooong note won him over. Shakira tells her many faceted songs and how her detailed orientation can help. Adam loved her final searing note and asked her about rock sensibilities. She goes to TEAM ADAM!

“The A Team” sung by Gabi Ramirez: He works at a kitchen appliance store. The job pays the bills and allows him freedom for his music. He was originally going to be a soccer player from a huge soccer family. He wants to show that he is more than soccer. Oh. I don’t like his voice. He has breath problems and his voice sounds a bit wonky. It’s also the song. You have to have control for Ed Sheeran and you can overpower this easily. Shakira said that he needs to work on his dynamics. Adam wants him to show more sides to himself. Usher said that he needs to go for it instead of fearing it. NO TEAM        

“The Way” sung by Paula DeAnda: At sixteen, she wrote a song and got her song on it. She was signed by Clive Davis and opened for Rihanna. She was also on TRL and made Carson feel better. She recorded two albums in English and in Spanish. She was dropped after one was released. It was an eye opener for her and her family. She’s been on her own for five years. She wants a rebirth for her singing career. Her voice can be a bit nasally. Honestly she is not my cup of tea. She does some odd things with her voice but that’s more style. Shakira and Blake turn for her. She has good pitch. Adam said that there were moments that were great and others not so great. Shakira thinks she will improve under her coaching. Blake tries to use Texas to get her in. Blake loved that she has the ability to attack notes and sees a victory in her future. She picks TEAM BLAKE!

“When I Was Your Man” sung by Jake Barker: He never had a real chance to show his talent. He was into sports and had horrible stage fright. He is on YouTube and got picked up by a manager. The music they had him singing wasn’t his music. He was in a bar that allows for flexibility in music. This is his first ever live gig. Wow. He has a nice falsetto and a good rasp. Usher turns around first. He can be a bit too breathy but that can be nerves too. Adam turns around later. Jake has a very soft voice, which they need to work on powering up a bit. Shakira with the last second turn! Blake looks confused. Usher thought it was a great song choice and loved his falsetto. I agree with Adam that his act does needs some cleaning up. Shakira says he can be vulnerable with her. Jake goes to TEAM USHER!

Tess Boyer goes to Team Usher.

Josh Murley and Austin Ellis go to Team Adam.

Cali Tucker goes to Team Blake.

“Radioactive” sung by Luke Cooper: He joined a band at nineteen. He then became addicted to drugs. When his son was born, he cleaned up his act to become the best father to his son. He leaves the band to help raise his son. He works as a nurse in order to support he and his son. He still feels like he is a musician though. Wow. He gets this weird…accent in his voice when he sings? This was just a wrong song choice. Bless him. He is trying but it is not working out. I can hear good things in his voice but not adding up?  That last note was impressive. Blake thinks that he shouldn’t have been so nasally yet thought he was a good singer. Shakira loved his certainty and his precision. Adam tells him not to let the style take over. NO TEAM

“Cupos (When I’m Gone)” sung by Ria Eaton: Her mother is a dancer and Ria tried to take it. Ria, however, loved singing. She performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra at the age of five. Her dad lost his job a couple years ago. Her mom had to close her studio and they had to sell their house. She works as an ear piercer at the mall and is working on her music. She wants to give back to her family through what she loves to do. People really need to stop over-flourishing their songs. She has things that I like but she keeps doing so much stuff with her voice that it’s annoying. Clean up all the over flourishing. At the last minute, Shakira and Blake hit their buttons. Adam and Usher stand off to the side to watch the fight. Blake said that when she thought that it was over then she became better. Adam and Usher become the Voice equivalent with Waldorf and Statler from the Muppets. Adam and Usher throw their support behind her. Shakira calls her a pearl in the oyster and wants to help her. Adam and Usher are so totally playing wingmen to Shakira. Even with all that support, Shakira loses her to TEAM BLAKE!

“Crazy” sung by Cierra Mickens: Her parents got divorced and her Dad was in the Air Force as a chaplin. She got her start singing in gospel choirs. She studied Poli-Sci and Criminal Justice with the intent of going to law school. Her dad kind of wants to go to law school more. Currently she works as an administrative assistant. She just really wants to be a singer. WOW! She’s intense and awesome! Shakira and Blake hit their buttons first. She has a lot of power and a very lovely voice. Her voice is full of power and she is intense. She just gets this nice growl in her voice too. Usher hits button at the last moment. Shakira walks up to give her a hug. Adam immediately goes to cuddle his boo Blake. Blake loves her voice and her power. Usher talks about their connections. Shakira said that she thinks Cierra can win with her as a her coach. She goes with TEAM SHAKIRA!

“I Wish” sung by Tyler Montgomery: After watching his father being born alive, he went into a deep depression and music saved him. He’s been working in a used car dealership and writing for other artists. He wants to help his fiancée settle down. Wow. I was not expecting that voice to come out there. He has a nice light rasp, but I think he’s too in his head for his breathing. Yeah this is not a good song for you dude. Blake is shocked when they turn around. Adam said, “You’re a man!” He is shocked but he also sympathizes. Stevie Wonder is a hero of both Adam and Usher. He tells that the song choice was wrong for him. Adam loves his tone and tells him to come back and pick a better song. NO TEAM

“Barton Hollow” sung by Alaska and Madi: They met in American Kids when they were twelve. It helps kids lost stage fright. They won a National competition for American Kids and….HOLY SHIT BLAKE’S MULLET! They are best friends and work to stay together. They want to stay together because they love each other. Yet without the Voice they will have to break up the duo. They compliment each other but there are rough patches in the song. Adam still turns for them first. They make that they each have a moment to shine. Blake turns later. Adam is mad that Blake turned. Blake starts laughing when they say Oklahoma and Adam can see them slip away from his fingers. Adam loved how “in sync” they are and loved how dynamic it is. Blake compares them to the Pistol Annies and thinks they are special. Adam tells them to go outside of the box. They go to TEAM BLAKE!

“Stand By Me”sung by Ddendyl: She’s from a town in New York where cows outnumber people. Her dad is bagpipe player and would play in front of the house in full gear. She and her dad share music together. I love her retro style. She went to Interlochen Academy in Michigan and studied operatic music. She works as a longue singer in D.C. to pay the bills. She has such a lovely pure sound to her voice. Shakira turns first. She has a lot of power. WHY AREN’T THE REST OF YOU LUNKHEADS TURNING AROUND?! She’s amazing and lovely! She is killing this song. She is fantastic! YOU ALL ARE STUPID, STUPID MEN! SHAKIRA IS THE SMARTEST ONE OF YOU ALL! Shakira loves the air and quality of her voice. Usher tells her to enjoy her time. I think if she went earlier then she would have been a four-chair turn. She tells Shakira that she is so beautiful. She goes to TEAM SHAKIRA!

Now it’s a montage of failure and the coaches being helpful.

“One More Try” sung by Josh Kaufman: He’s a father and husband along with being a working musician. It doesn’t always pay to help the bills. He got a Masters in Philosophy and wants to teach at the college level but didn’t want to leave music. So he tutors to supplement the money. He thinks the show offers another opportunity. A moment of listening to his raspy and oaky voice Adam turns first. After a few more moments, Blake follows. Shakira turns around. He has this rasp and layered voice that is very soulful. Usher turns around at the last minute as is his custom. Adam told him that the vocal was tough to conquer and that he got goosebumps. Blake asks him about the music he wants to do. Usher perks up when he says that he wants to sing old soul and tells him that the genre that sticks with him the most is soul. He needs to have true essence. Shakira said that he is real and special of the public. He goes with TEAM ADAM! 

Now the coaches race to fill in their last slots for their teams for this season.


Bec Heim